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Most Computer Lock Up Problems are due to Errors in your Windows Registry. Cleanup all your Windows Registry Errors with RegCure Registry Cleaner. Registry is the nerve center of your Windows operating system. Regcure repairs all errors in all the five sections of your Windows Registry that causes Computer freezes or Computer Lock up with associated Windows Errors messages like these below: -


Fix Computer Lock up 


With regular use all computers lock up once in a while with the errors mentioned above or even without giving out any Windows Error Messages at all. The reason for computer lock up may be wide and varied. Some times it is a loose data or power cable contact or a hardware malfunction or failure could be the cause of a computer lockup. It could also be due to a missing or corrupted device driver at times. But most often it is a Windows Error that causes your computer to lock up or hangup. It is logical to first open your computer cabinet, remove all power and data cable connections and reinsert them firmly to avoid any cable loose contacts. If the problem is still not solved and your computer continues to lock up or freezes again then it is a Windows Registry or a newly installed Software problem.


To find out if a recently installed software is locking up your Computer try to uninstall that software or you may also try to Restore Your Computer to an earlier time using the inbuilt Windows System Restore. If the problem is not sorted out then you may undo the system restore.


Windows works on its core that Microsoft named as the Registry. Any missing registry entry or wrong registry entry can be the cause of your computer lockup. A critical registry error will lock up Windows itself and your PC may stop responding.


Computer Lockup or Freezes can be repaired by editing Windows Registry Errors. Manual editing of Registry is not recommended because first of all you need a computer expert who understands registry. Even a single error that happens during registry editing will either lockup your PC or crash it. And there are millions of registry entries that is very difficult to scan and find error and repair. There may be hundreds of errors in the registry. Humanly it is impossible to find and fix all registry errors. Moreover registry errors happen everyday. Thus trying to fix registry errors yourself is not advised.


 Computer Lockup Repairs


The only way out is to repair Computer Lock up or PC Freezes and Crashes is to fix the Windows Registry Errors that are causing your Computer to Lock up. RegCure  is a professonal Windows Registry Cleaner recommended by Experts world over because Regcure is the fastest automatic windows registry cleaner  and Computer Performance Optimizer that has been in existence for a decade now and has been designed specifically to fix errors in all five sections of your Windows Registry that can cause any kind of Computer Lock up.

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RegCure has over 60 million users from over 100 countries world wide and is designed to be very simple to use even for a small child or a 90 year old granny because RegCure is fully Automatic requiring just a few mouse clicks from the user without any computer experience. Easily Repair Computer Lockup, Windows Errors, Fix PC Freezes/Crashes and Optimize your PC for High Performance in 2 minutes. RegCure is designed to be simple and works on all 32 bit & 64 bit  Windows 7, XP, Vista, ME, 2000 and 98.  Read more..



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