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What is a Keylogger ?    Keyloggers are basically small Spyware Software that is used to capture every key you press on your keyboard, or capture your full Screenshot at regular intervals or get a streaming video from your Webcam etc. Keyloggers are one of the most dangerous software that can be used for good as well as bad purpose by anyone. You can use a keylogger to find out what your wife or your children are doing on the internet. Your friend can install a keylogger to capture your Creditcard and Internet Banking Info or your spouse may want to get your Email ID and Password. Similarly an Internet hacker could use a Keylogger to do these tasks like getting your Credit Card and Internet Banking account numbers, usernames and passwords etc. In a matter of minutes your Credit Card limit is used by the hacker buying things online and your Bank will have no money left after the hacker transfers all your money to his bank.


What are the Types of Keyloggers?


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WebCam Logger     A Webcam Logger is the most dangerous logger that you can ever imagine. Losing your money is OK when you compare your loss of respect. Hackers install Webcam Loggers on Your PC without your knowledge. The Webcam Logger Switches your Webcam ON and starts recording Video of you and your family's every move including your private moments and sends it live online to a porn site or to the hacker's computer. The Webcam Loggers switch on the Webcam without its ON LED coming On so that you never find out that your Webcam is ON.


Imagine if your PC or Laptop is in your bedroom and your webcam is facing your bathroom or bed and the hacker records all your intimate moments with your spouse. Imagine if your daughter leaves the PC On in her room and the hacker uses the Webcam Logger to start recording your daughter"s every move and stream the video live online or paste photos all over the social and porn networks. WebCam Loggers thus are the most dangerous and must be removed immediately.
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KeyBoard Loggers        Keyboard loggers logs every key you press on your keyboard and stores in a binary or text file which is sent out regularly to the hacker Online without your knowledge and without using any email servers. This keylogger technology has existed for a long time and now it is very advanced and most people never come to know that a keyboard logger is existing and logging their keystrokes continously till they fall victim to Creditcard or Internet Banking Fraud and go bankrupt. Catching the Hacker is a very difficult task because they mask their IP address or fake their IP to appear as if they are operating from some other country.



Clipboard Loggers        When a keylogger is not sufficient the hacker uses a Clipboard Logger. This type of Keylogger captures what ever you copy and paste using edit/copy or Ctrl+C keys. If you think by copying and pasting your Credit card and Internet banking account numbers or email ID and passwords will not be caputred by a keylogger, then Clipboard logger will do it for the hacker and send it like normal binary/text file online. You will never come to know when the keylogger or clicpboard logger does this.



Screen Logger        When both a keylogger and clipboard logger fails to capture what you are typing into a web form or if you are using barcodes and such other security measures or pictures with data on it, then the hacker uses a Screenlogger. The Screen Logger will take a snapshot or screenshot of your entire screen or a single window regularly and send it as a picture. The Screen Logger is also very advanced and sends only the part of the screen that is different from the previous picture that was transmitted to keep the bandwidth used to minimum to prevent any software find its presence and activities in your computer.



Why is a Keylogger Dangerous ?    A hacker may install a Keylogger into your computer without your knowledge. The keylogger is packed with a device driver or a software you download or even comes embedded in CD or USB drive. When you start installing the software or a device driver that you downloaded from the internet or when you insert a CD/USB into Your PC and if the autorun feature is enabled, the keylogger software installs silently without asking your permission along with the software or the device driver. Once installed the keylogger starts logging all that you type or cut and paste using your keyboard.



Bad Use of a Keylogger    Keyloggers are used by internet hackers and criminals to steal your email usernames and passwords, internet banking usernames and passwords, your Credit Card & Debit Card numbers and other personal and important details that the criminals can use to buy things online using your credit cards or transfer your money your bank account to their bank account or to send threatening emails to other people using your email address from your email account.


Good Use of Keyloggers    Sometimes keyloggers are used by police to catch criminals. These keyloggers allows the police to get the usernames and passwords of suspects bank account for legal purposes. Even people like you may use keyloggers to get the passwords and usernames of emails, internet banking, websites login details etc of your near and dear ones to keep a check on the websites they visit and who are they mailing and what are they mailing, and what social networks are they using etc.


How does Keylogger Transmit Data to Hackers?    The keyloggers store all the data it captures from your keyboard or clipboard when you cut, copy or paste into an encrypted file which only the programmer can access with a private key. The moment you connect to the internet, the keylogger sends this small encrypted text or html file to the hacker directly or as an email or upload to a website. All this happens without your knowledge.


Why Can't a Keylogger be Detected ?    The hacker does not want you to know that a keylogger has been installed in your computer and it is recording all that you are typing in. So they may run as genuine Windows services and even an expert can miss it. The keyloggers are very precariously programmed to run under the Windows operating system to avoid detection and at times at the Kernel level in Ring 0 making it extremely difficult for you to find out if it is running or not. They do not appear in the add/remove programs list and cannot be found using the task manager either. Even the application paths are deleted by keylogger software from the registry and yet it functions.


How to Detect a Keylogger ?    The programmers are highly skilled in this field. Scan Your PC for Keyloggers Now ! Detect keyloggers easily. There is a threat to every PC and Laptop on earth from Keyloggers. But most people just don't know about it or they ignore warnings, till the time they fall victim to a keylogger.


How to Prevent Keyloggers ?    First and foremost check if your PC has a keylogger already running using your anti-virus software. If you are using a public PC like in an internet cafe, then do not shop or use credit cards or bank online unless you are very sure of the security features of that PC and your bank website. When you type in your passwords, user names or credit card numbers never type in the correct sequence. Type the last digit first then use the mouse to reposition the cursor and type another character and then reposition again to type another random character and so on. Also you can type a few random characters, highlight them with your mouse and type correct character and so on. This will fool the keylogger because the software cannot understand what you did with your mouse. But don't be too sure because some keyloggers can even record a screenshot at regular intervals and some even record your voice, music etc. Some use the sound made by your keyboard to decipher which keys you pressed.


Is Keylogging Done Only on Computers ?    Some criminals setup cameras to actually see what keys you are pressing. This is specially so in Bank ATM machines. Some criminals put a separate transparent keyboard on top of your PC keyboard or your Bank ATM keyboard that may look like just a keyboard cover. But this keyboard is wired to some other computer or a mobile device that will send the keys to the hacker in real time. So once again be careful next time you go to an ATM for withdrawing money.


How to Detect & Remove Keyloggers ?  Keyloggers can get deployed as Spyware, Virus, Trojan, Device Driver or can come packed with any Software or on a CD or even on a USB. The best defense would be to detect a Keylogger which is very difficult because they run under the operating system like a Genuine Microsoft Windows Service or at Kernel level in Ring 0. Your only defense is to Download & Install Zemana AntiLogger Software that can catch these Keyloggers and Spyware even before they are fully opened in your PC to do any harm.


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