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Computer Crashes    The definition of Computer Crash would be different in different circumstance. A computer that has stopped responding to your input from keyboard, mouse etc, a frozen monitor, or a non responding software application that has hung up, or Windows Freezes whilst trying to locate a file on your hard disk, or any such event where you computer fails to execute instructions either given by you or your CPU is called Computer Crash.


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Update Drivers to Stop Computer Crashes    Old and out of date device drivers are known to cause Computer Crashes and if you install a wrong driver by mistake then it can even damage your hardware permanently. Get the latest updated drivers from your hardware manufacturer websites for your exact hardware model to ensure that your hardware gets all the new features introduced after you bought your printer, camera, video cards, sound cards etc. There are dozens of hardware in your Computer and finding the drivers for each of them is a very difficult task. I would recommend you Download Driver Detective which is a professional and Automatic Windows Driver Download Tool that can automatically, detect all the hardware installed in your computer and then download and install the latest updated  model specific driver from each manufacturer website in a few minutes. I have been using it for many years now and strongly recommend it. It is an amazing tool that can even backup your drivers already installed in your Computer to a CD or USB drive.


Computer Freezes Leads to Crashes     Very often a Comptuer Crashes after you experience a Software lock up or  Windows Freezes up when you are working on your computer. Mostly the Software you are using may have a bug that may cause comptuer Freezes and crashes. The other reason could be that a software or Windows may be looking for a certain registry entry that my not exist in your Windows Registry or the the file or driver indicated by a registry entry may have been deleted or moved to another location but the Software did not update your Windows Registry and Windows remains in a confused and Frozen state Freezing up and Crashing your Computer. Cleaning up Windows Registry with RegCure Registry Cleaner is a recommended solution because RegCure has been designed to search, locate and repair errors in all the five sections of your Windows Registry to give you error free peak computer performance.


Computer Hard Disk Crashes    Windows tries to locate a file on your hard disk but that address points to a location on the hard disk which is a bad sector that cannot be read. In such a case Windows will wait for the data to be retrieved from hard disk. You will find your hard disk red led is continously on and may not go off because the read write head of the hard disk is continously trying to read what is written on the hard disk bad sector. Windows has an inbuilt time limit in such cases. So if after this time is elapsed Windows will try to stop that search. But hard disk error may trigger a sudden computer Freeze or Crashes without warning restarting on its own or just remaining in the unresponsive state.  Optimize your Hard Disk  for high performance and improve its data access times and prevent a Hard Disk Crash. Once a hard disk crashes all your files and folders will be lost without a trace and you may need professional help to get back your important files from it.


CPU Over Heat Crashes Computer    When a computer freezes usually the CPU or central processing unit of your computer is running at 100% power. This causes the heat sink and fan connected to your CPU for cooling it fails to dissipate the heat and the CPU may reach its inbuilt cut off temperature and your BIOS triggers a Computer Crash or Freezes your PC/Laptop to prevent your CPU from burning out due to overheating and prevents a fire inside your PC or Laptop. This temperature is usually set through the BIOS settings. To access the BIOS you may have to press the "Del" key repeatedly during starting up your PC. Once you enter your BIOS settings do not change anything you do not understand. But you can set the temperatures or just see what is set by default there for your knowledge.


Loose Data/Power Cables Crashes Computers    It is a good idea to open your Computer cabinet, remove all the connectors of all Power and Data cables and re-insert them one by one to ensure that a lose contact is not causing Computer Crash and Freezes. You may also pull out the RAM or random access memory or the memory module as you call it, clean its contacts with a rubber eraser till they shine golden once all the carbon deposit gets cleaner and re fix it back into the slot to eliminate a RAM induced computer crash.


Virus/Spyware also Crashes Computer    Virus and spyware are software program written by software engineers with bad intention of crashing your computer or steal your personal data like credit card numbers and internet banking usernames passwords and other details that they can use to steal your money. These can easily crash computers and experts have always warned computer users never to connect their PC/Laptop to the internet without first installing a good antivirus/antispyware software. I would recommend Internet security Suite which is an impressive software comng from the world famous software giant named PC Tools. Internet Security Suite has four software inbuilt in it and uses very little system resource thus maintaining your computer at peak performance. It has an Anti-Spyware, an Anti-Virus, an Anti-Spam and a Firewall so that you don't need to get these software separately for your computer.


Windows Registry Causes Computer Crashes    If all the steps above has not stopped your Computer Crashes then you need to look into your Windows Registry. Windows functions on its core ring called the Registry. This is the nervous system of your Computer. Windows and all the software that you install, use or uninstall continously refers and writes entries into the Windows Registry. Any error or invalid registry error is going to Slow down your Computer Performance. If registry errors are not removed in time than you will start experiencing Computer Freezes and restarts. If you still don't take necessary action to repair registry errors then your Computer Crashes and at times with complete data loss. Experts Recommend RegCure Registry Cleaner as the industry standard professional Windows Registry Cleaner that anyone with out any computer knowledge or experience can use to repair Windows Error Messages, Registry Error Cleanup, Computer Freezes and crashes etc and it also optimizes your Computer for high performance.



Repair all Windows Errors. Speedup Your Computer Performance. Click here


Repair all Windows Errors. Speedup Your Computer Performance. Click here