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Windows Registry


What is Windows Registry?     Windows Registry is the nerve center of your Computer. Any Error in your Windows Registry will Slow Computer Performance and a Critical Registry Error cause Computer Freezes and even cause Computer Crashes with all your data lost for ever. Most common symptoms of errors in your Windows Registry is DLL Errors, Runtime Errors, System32 Errors, Kernel32 Errors, Windows Blue Screen Errors, Frequent Computer Screen Freezes etc. Do not ignore these errors because they point towards a disaster that is waiting to happen. You could have a severe Computer crash with all your hard disk data erased for ever. Remember "Prevention is Better than Cure"


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What Info is Stored in Windows Registry?     The Windows Registry stores all the information that is required by Windows to function. All your personal settings, all your Windows settings, the location, size, type, and all other information about all your files, folders, software, hardware, drivers and everything else that you can imagine is stored in the Windows Registry. Windows needs to refer to this registry to everything from starting up your computer to switching it off. Error free Windows Registry will ensure that your computer runs at its peak performance always.


 Windows Registry Errors

Understanding the Windows Registry    Windows Registry is like the index of a large book with hundreds of sections, thousands of chapters and millions of pages in it. If you want to get information on a certain topic how will you search the book.  Will you start searching for the topic starting from page one till the last page? I am sure you won't do that. Instead you would go to the index and look for the section where the topic is most likely to be there and in that section you would look for a chapter which you think would contain that particular topic. Or you may go the end of the book where the topics are listed in an alphabetical order and find the topic there and read which page is written against that topic and directly open that page to find your required information on the topic of your choice.


Windows Registry Logic    Microsoft applied the same logic and built an artificial intelligence in Windows operating system to make an index in the alphabetical order categorized into five basic sections with sub folders containing information which can be quickly retrieved when needed. Microsoft called this as the Windows Registry.


Windows Registry Size    Windows continuously updates the Registry whenever you install a software, update a software or uninstall a software. The Windows Registry is read and written every time you open any application like your Word processor, photo editor, notepad, media player, any file or folder etc and when you work in those applications and even when you close these applications. Thus the registry keeps getting more and more entries as you keep using your computer. Thus the registry size keeps increasing.


Windows Registry Errors    Since the Windows Registry is required not only by Windows, but also by the Software applications running in your computer, Microsoft allowed the registry to be read and written by all Software during installation, when ever they are used and when they are uninstalled. Thus the registry size increases when ever you install a software and also whenever you use these software. But some software cause Registry Errors by writing wrong or invalid entries in to your Windows Registry.


What is Registry Errors?  When you tell your computer to open a file for example, your CPU (Central Processing Unit) will instruct Windows to find the location of that file in the Windows Registry. But if the registry entry shows that the file asked for is in the C:\ drive in "My Document" folder. But when Windows looks for that file in that folder it does not find the file. The reason is that either the file was deleted or moved to another location by you or a virus or another software but the Windows Registry was not updated with the new entry indicating the new location or the file was deleted but the registry entry was not deleted. Windows now does not know what to do and is in a confused state. If this type of error happens when you are opening/closing or installing/uninstalling a program, then your computer screen will freeze up and your PC may not respond to your keyboard or mouse inputs. This is a Computer Freeze that is caused by this simple Windows Registry Error. Your computer freeze up may last a few seconds to many minutes. Sometimes it may restart on its own. Now Microsoft has given a time delay for such conditions. If your computer freeze lasts for a certain time of say 20 seconds or so, it may either abandon that instruction and jump to the next instruction or give a Windows Blue Screen error saying that your computer is halted and may restart soon.


Other Causes of Windows Registry Errors    There are numerous causes for Registry Errors. You have already seen in the previous paragraph, how a simple file deleted but corresponding registry entry not deleted causes your computer to freeze up. The other causes of Windows Registry Errors could be a new software overwriting an existing file or existing Windows Registry Entry during installation. If this happens then the software or Windows requiring the older version of the file will not be able to understand the new file with the same name but different content and either Windows or your older Software using that particular file will fail to open or run. Well designed software do not create such errors but some bad software do end up making this type of Registry Errors.


Registry Errors During Uninstalling Software    Just uninstalling a software will not remove the thousands of registry entries that software would have written into the Windows Registry. In fact, software purposely never remove all the registry entries because, some registry entries it wrote during installation and during usage of the software would have got modified either by that software itself or another software or by Windows and uninstalling or deleting those entries can cause a Computer Freeze or Crash. The solution is to uninstall the Software and immediately after that Cleanup Windows Registry of all the redundant, useless and empty entries left behind by the software using a professional software like RegCure Registry Cleaner to prevent Windows Error Messages and Computer Freezes/Crashes by cleaning up program uninstall errors and many other types of errors easily with just a few mouse clicks and save hundreds of dollars on computer repair.


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Repair all Windows Errors. Speedup Your Computer Performance. Click here