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Zemana AntiLogger Software - The New Technology PC Protection Tool
For Safe Online Shopping &  Secure Internet Banking
Zemana AntiLogger Software
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Zemana Anti-Logger  is the Ultimate Identity & Privacy Protection Software for those who transact money online with their Credit Cards and Internet Banking. When you Shop Online you have to fill in your Credit Card Number or Your Internet Banking User Names and Passwords in the Form which has 128 bit SSL encryption enabled. Yet a Keylogger can capture every key you press on your keyboard and everything you copy to Clipboard.

The Internet Hacker Targets your PC and NOT the Encrypted Data on the Secure Form  to steal your Creditcard and Internet Banking details. When Your AntiVirus & AntiSpywre Fail, Zemana Anti-Logger Protection Starts... Because Zemana does not rely on old fashioned virus signatures. The New Technology Zemana Anti-Logger Protects your Computer even from the most dangerous "Zero Day" Virus, Spyware & SSL Trojans. Make Your PC/Laptop Safe for Online Financial Transactons with Your Credit Cards and Internet with Banking Now !

Free Download Zemana AntiLogger  (8.3 mb)

Zemana AntiLogger does not rely on Virus Signatures. Instead it uses a New Technology, Sophisticated Algorithm to Continuously Monitor and Analyze every Process Running in your Computer. The moment a Suspicious Activity is Triggered, Zemana Anti-Logger Steps in and Shuts Down that Process even if it is a Zero Day Malware, which even the best AntiVirus and AntiSpyware Software fails to do till an Update is released, which could be too late for you. But Now Award Winning Zemana Anti-Logger Protects Your PC and Laptop Online Better than Your AntiVirus Software.
Home     How it Works     Features     CaseStudy      Awards     Testimonials     ScreenShots
Zemana AntiLogger Software