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MS Office File Password Recovery Software

Recover MS Outlook & MS Office File Passwords
Recover Lost/Forgotten Passwords
Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint
and MS Outlook PST Files
Recover Passwords of any Length
And even Complex Passwords
in any Language or Character
Open Any Password Protected File Now!


MS Office File Password Recovery




What is MS Office Password Recovery Pro ?

Recover Any Password Protected Document  Now      Office Password Recovery Pro is an all in one Password Recovery Software for MS Office Applications. It will open any Password Protected MS Office Document in a few minutes.Recovery your lost and forgotten passwords of any length and complexity even in foreign languages & special characters, from any Microsoft Office documents like MS Word, MS Access, MS Excel and PowerPoint Presentations & also Microsoft Outlook PST file where all your Outlook Emails, Notes, Contacts, etc is stored.




Office Password Recovery Pro Benefits


- Fast & Easy to Password Recovery
- Recover Passwords in a Single Click
- Recover Passwords from all Microsoft Applications
- Recover Passwords of MS Outlook PST
- Recover Passwords in any Language
- Recover Passwords in any character
- Recover Passwords in Latin & Cyrillic Characters
- Recover Passwords in Hieroglyphs
- Recover Passwords of any length
- Recover Passwords of any Complexity
- Combined Brute Force & Dictionary attacks
- High Password Recovery Speed
- Allows Multiple File Password Recovery
- Allows you to choose program Priority
- Has Auto Save Function
- 24x7 Customer Care & Support

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Office Password Recovery Screenshot

Free Download Office Password Recovery Pro

Open & Modify any Password Protected MS Office document of any MS Office version. 


Download  Office Password  Recovery  Pro Now




Password Recovery Works On


- Microsoft Office 97
- Microsoft Office 2000
- Microsoft Office XP      (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook)
- Microsoft Office 2003  (.doc, .dbx, .ppt, .xls, .pst)
- Microsoft Office 2007  (.docx, .accdb, .pptx, .xlsx, .pstx)




System Requirement


- Intel Pentium III or compatible processor
- At least 256 Megabytes (MB) of RAM
- 20 MB free hard disk space required for initial installation
- Internet connection
- Works on all Windows Operating System                  




Free Download Office Password Recovery Pro Now.

Office Password Recovery Pro  -  Download  Now



Password Recovery Pro is very powerful software that can open any password protected Micorosft Office files. Please do not misuse this software to open MS Office files not created by you or not belonging to you. It is to be used only to recover passwords that you forgot or lost after protecting your own files so that you can read and modify your files instead or recreating large documents or to retrieve data from the file which you are not able to open because you lost/forgot the password.