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DRIVER DETECTIVE  -  The World's Most Trusted & Restpected Automatic Device  Driver Download Tool for Windows 8/7/XP/Vista/2003/2000
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Installing Driver Detective

Driver Detective is easy to install. Download Driver Detective - Click Here  After the download is completed, go to the folder where you downloaded driver detective and double click on the file. Driver Detective will ask you to select the language. Once you choose the language, driver detective starts downloading the required language files necessary to run the software in your chosen language. All that you need to do is keep clicking on Next, Next, Next till the installation is completed.

Once installed, you need to run Driver Detective using the icon that is now available on your desktop and also in your start, all programs list. The Driver Detective starts up. There after you need to click on the Scan button and Driver Detective will start scanning all your installed hardware and all the drivers installed in your computer. This takes only about 30 seconds.

Once Driver Detective has finished its driver scan, it will go online and compare your driver versions with the latest drivers available for download from your original manufacturer website of each hardware and then gives you a driver scan report.

Once driver detective has finished the driver scan, it will display you a detailed driver report. This report will show you how many of your drivers are up to date, how many device drivers are missing, and how many drivers have got corrupted. Driver Detective also show you the driver versions installed in your computer as well as all the driver versions available online.

Now when you click on the Update Drivers button, Driver Detective will automatically start downloading all the necessary drivers to fix all missing, corrupted and out of date drivers to the latest driver versions available online. Depending on which drivers you select to download, it may take from 3 minutes to 10 minutes to update all the drivers in your PC or Laptop.

Once all your device drivers updated all your hardware will start functioning as good as new without anymore missing/corrupted driver errors. Driver detective saves you many hours of work trying to find drivers online because it is totally automatic in operation. You need to know nothing about drivers and hardware to use driver detective.

Driver detective works on all 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows 8/7/XP/Vista/2000/2003/2008/ME/98. 

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