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Download Motherboard Drivers Now!

Motherboard Drivers are a set of many Device Drivers. Your computer motherboard typically contains most of the devices built onboard like your Sound, Video, USB etc. In the old motherboards you had a lot of slots for attaching your hard disks, floppy drives, CD rom, TV Tuner Cards, Video Cards, Sound Cards, RAM or Memory modules, etc. Additionally, motherboards also used to have a separate AGP Card or Display card slot that looked different. Very old motherboards used to have a slot for a Raiser card also. A Raiser card is another card with a lot of slots on it to attach many more cards on to it thus increasing the total number of cards that can be inserted into your motherboard.

Integrated Motherboard Drivers

Today however, motherboards don't have so many slots because most devices have already been integrated into your computer motherboard itself. This saves you a lot of money because you do not need to buy each card separately and saves you a lot of time required to install necessary motherboard drivers as well. Also this made computers much more compact and heat dissipation easy as there is a lot of space available as the number of cards and wires reduced. Your montherboard hosts onboard sound card, onboard video card, onboard USB and much more.

Motherboard Drivers Requirement

Although, technology made the motherboard compact and reduced the number of separate devices as all these devices were moved on to the motherboard. But the problem is that onboard shifting of cards to motherboard did not solve the requirement of various device drivers required for the motherboard. This is because the motherboard manufacturer still has to get the hardware technology from the individual manufacturer of these sound and video devices. Thus the number of drivers required for the motherboard remained same or infact increased over the years.      Automatically Update Your Motherboard Drivers Now!

Onboard Motherboard Devices

The sound drivers for your integrated onboard audio hardware on the motherboard still comes from ithe sound card hardware manufacturer. Similarly, the onboard video hardware driver on the motherboard also has to come from the video hardware manufacturer. The case is same in case of every other device that is integrated into your motherboard because all these device drivers now form a large collection of motherboard drivers.

Integrated Motherboard Devices Drivers

Usually the motherboard drivers are provided by the motherboard manufacturer in a CD or USB drive to you packaged along with your motherboard. Some of these motherboard device drivers may be packed on separate driver disk along with the motherboard at times as they are new device drivers that were received at the last moment. This amplifies the importance of installing the latest motherboard drivers released on your computer.

New Motherboard Drivers Fixes Bugs

The latest motherboard drivers will contain a lot of fixes for hardware issues reported by people using these motherboards before you bought it. Most hardware issues are easy to rectify using new motherboard driver files for the manufacturer because hardware cannot be modified on the motherboard already sold to a customer. The motherboard driver files can however be easily downloaded and installed by their motherboard customers.

New Motherboard Drivers Improves PC Performance

Motherboard drivers are the files which make your motherboard respond to the commands and instructions from Windows operating system. New motherboard drivers contains many improvements on how the motherboard should react to each and every Windows instruction for efficient motherboard functioning that improves performance, takes lesser time to execute tasks, takes lesser CPU power,  reduces power consumption and heat generation. Thus it is very important to download the latest motherboard drivers to your computer.

New Motherboard Drivers Introduces New Features

New Motherboard Drivers introduce a lot of new features also into your motherboard and also to all the devices integrated onboard your motherboard. This includes improvements to your onboard audio and video etc. Thus new motherboard drivers will give your computer much higher quality of sound output and higher quality video display with higher resolution and screen refresh rates which was not there when you had originally bought your motherboard.   Download Latest Motherboard Drivers Now!

Regularly Update Motherboard Drivers

The above mentioned reasons indicate that you must update your motherboard drivers regularly. The driver disk which came with the motherboard contains only the drivers released before your motherboard was packed. Thus to get the latest motherboard drivers you may need to visit your motherboard manufacturer website.

Incorrect Drivers Can Damage Your Motherboard
You must ensure that you select and download the motherboard drivers specific to your motherboard model. This is important because if the motherboard driver you are installing on your computer is not compatible with your motherboard model, then Windows will give a warning. If you ignore this warning and force install the wrong driver files, then your hardware may fail to work. In some rare cases wrong drivers have permanently damaged motherboards. Therefore you must ensure that you search and download only your correct manufacturer and model number specific motherboard driver files on your PC or Laptop.

Updating Latest Motherboard Drivers Regularly

Most motherboard hardware manufacturers continuously improve performance and introduce new features plus fix reported bugs on their already sold out motherboards by releasing new motherboard drivers very regularly, sometimes every 2 to 3 weeks. This means that you must visit your motherboard manufacturer website frequently to see if a new driver has been released and download the new drivers to ensure your computer gets all these new features and performance boost without buying new hardware.

Virus/Spyware in Motherboard Drivers ?

Often many people searching the internet for motherboard drivers end up on malware sites. It is estimated that there are more than one million malware sites on the internet and the numbers are growing. These sites provide driver files that have virus and spyware packed in them which install into your PC or Laptop along with the driver files. Virus can crash your computer and wipe out all your hard disk data. Spyware steal your internet banking usernames, passwords, Credit Card numbers etc. Thus never download motherboard drivers from any website other than your own motherboard manufacturer website.

Finding Motherboard Drivers on Internet

Locating the correct motherboard manufacturer website may become difficult if your motherboard manufacturer does not have its own website. In such a case the company may release its new drivers on popular driver download sites. But these drivers are not reliable unless they have a Digital Signatures or WHQL Certification on them. WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) certified drivers are tested and digitally signed by Microsoft. Sometimes when there is too much delay in getting WHQL certification, the motherboard drivers are released with the manufacturer's own digital signature. Both these types of motherboard drivers are safe for use on any computer.

Automatic Motherboard Driver Download Software

Experts recommend using Automatic Driver Download Tool - Driver Detective to update latest drivers for all the hardware installed in your computer. This is a very good tool for most people who never update their device drivers because it is very time consuming to visit each of your dozens of hardware manufacturer websites, search for the exact hardware model number and download the drivers.

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