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Download Printer Drivers Now!

Finding the Correct Manufacturer and Model Specific Latest Printer Drivers at times can be very difficult. New Printer Drivers are released by reputed Printer manufacturers regularly almost once a month. These new printer drivers if installed will introduce many new features to your old printer and a lot of bug fixes as well. Printer Drivers can be automatically updated using Driver Detective which is an Automatic Driver Download Software. You do not have to search for Printer drivers. Driver Detective will automatically detect all your drivers installed in your computer including the drivers of those hardware not even connected at present to your PC. Then it locates the latest drivers available in the online driver database, Just Click on the Update Drivers Now and Driver Detective will download and install these new drivers in just about 3 minutes. It saves you a lot of time and effort. Driver detective has been downloaded millions of times and has been in existence since 1996.

Incorrect Printer Drivers Cause Incorrect Print Colours

A Printer is a hardware device that prints your documents generated on your Computer to a hard paper. Printers are costly. The cost depends on the quality of print output. But however costly your printer may be, unless you use the correct model specific Printer driver, the quality of print will not accurately represent all your document formatting and colors the way you see in the original document in your computer. Printer Drivers make your Printer to Print documents exactly as you see on your Computer. If the printer driver installed is the most recent and still you do not get the correct print colors, then try the printer caliberation option available through your printer icon in the task bar tray on the right bottom of your screen.

Monitor Color Caliberation

Sometimes it may not be your printer failing to print the colors you see on your monitor. The monitor at times fails to reproduce the correct colors accurately. This can be corrected by caliberating your monitor using monitor color caliberation tools available online. Sometimes these tools come with the monitor software or driver cd itself. If you have photoshop or other such photo editing programs like Xara Photo Editor which is considered as the simplest yet most powerful photo designer software in the world, then you will find the monitor caliberating tool already available in it. Just follow the simple steps and you can caliberate the colors on your monitor. Once the monitor and printer are both color caliberated, you will find that your printed documents represent the document you see in your monitor.

Printer Not Working at all ?

Missing Printer driver or corrupted Printer driver is the most common cause of your Printer not working. However you must first check that the printer power cable is correctly plugged in and the printer is connected to your PC/laptop. Just pull out these printer power and data cables and reinsert them firmly. Restart your computer if it is still not recognized. If the printer doest no get powered on then the printer has failed. But if the printer is powered on but your documents are not printing then see that you have paper in the tray for printing and you have not paused the printing process. You can check the pause, restart printing and cancel printing and other such options by double clicking on the printer icon in the task bar tray on the right bottom of your monitor.

The printer is a hardware which is manufactured by a company different from the company that made your Windows operating system. Thus your printer does not understand the Windows language. In other words, your printer does not understand the machine language in which Windows sends the print data. To make your printer understand what is to be printed and how is it be printed and what colours are to be used etc, your printer manufacturer gives you a CD that contains printer drivers. These drivers are basically a small software that converts all the print data sent by Windows in its machine language to the language that your Printer understands.

WHQL Certified Printer Drivers

Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL) was set up by Microsoft to protect user from downloading authentic Microsoft WHQL Certified drivers for printer and other hardware. Before this hackers started inserting spyware and viruses into the .zip/.exe driver files and these spyware/virus also got installed into a user's computer during the installation of device drivers. Printer manufactures who want to get WHQL certification for their driver have to submit their printer drivers to microsoft who will put these drivers through a series of compatiblity tests and approves the printer drivers for use for a certain Windows version. Microsoft will then insert a digital signature into the driver files and return them to the manufacturer for distribution. This digital signature can be read by your Windows operating system during printer driver installation. If a hacker or someone has inserted a virus or malware into this printer driver bundle, then the digital signature will become invalid and during the installation of the printer driver you will be given a warning that the digital signature is invalid. In such cases do not install that printer driver as it will either damage your printer or install virus or malware in to your PC/Laptop.

Digitally Signed Printer Drivers

Now you already know that Printer Driver files are bundled into a single .exe or .zip file. A reputed printer hardware manufacturer will first try to get a WHQL certification for his printer drivers. But WHQL certification takes a lot of time dealy. So if the new printer driver being released is to fix a bug then the company wants to release it immediately and instead of WHQL certificate the printer manufcturer will insert his own digital certificate inside the printer driver .exe or .zip file. This is to ensure that no one tampers with the .zip printer driver file. Any one tries to insert a virus or a spyware into this driver file, then the digital signature will not be valid and Windows will fail to recognize the digital signature during driver installation and give you a warning.

The Windows installer has a list of vendors whose digital signatures it recognizes. So if the vendor is not listed then your computer will give a warning that the digital signature publisher is not recognized. There is nothing to worry if you know that the printer drivers you are installing  were actually provided the manufacturer of your printer and you can continue installing these printer drivers. However, if you have downloaded the printer drivers from any website other than your printer manufacturer websites then you not install it as the digital signature may be invalid because there are virus or spyware in it. In such cases you have to decide wheather or not to install such unknown printer driver files.

Printer Drivers are Manufacturer and Model Specific

Printer Drivers are always designed specific to your printer model number. This means that an HP Deskjet 1000 model Printer Driver will not be able to work on HP Deskjet 1001 Printer model. Even if you force install this HP Deskjet 1001 printer driver on your HP Deskjet 1000 model, Windows will immediately give a error dialog to inform you that the printer driver you are installing for HP Deskjet 1000 model is not compabitle and your printer may not work.   Download Driver Detective  It downloads WHQL Certified Digitally Signed Manufacturer and Model Specific Drivers for all hardware installed in your Computer including those not even connected to your PC/Laptop now. It easily repairs all your Corrupted drivers and missing driver problems and the best part is that it totally automatic software with built in intelligence and saves you many hours searching for drivers online.

Wrong Printer Drivers Damage Your Printer Permanently

Installing the Wrong Printer Drivers are dangerous. If you ignore the Windows Error Message stating that the printer driver you are installing is not compatible then you should not attemp to force install that printer driver. Many people have done this and when they try to print a document, these wrong printer drivers convert the Windows print command into wrong messages for the printer. Now when your printer tries to print the document with this wongly interpreted print commands it ends up with hardware problems or a total printer failure and many a times have damaged costly printer permanently. Replacing the damaged printer is then the only solution.

Care for Your Printer

Printers are very costly equipment. Today almost all printers come as USB device. The parellel ports originally used to connect printer to the computer required that the printer is connected after switching off your computer so that during startup the printer is detected by Windows. But the USB printers can be inserted into the usb port whenever you want and can be safely removed once your print job is over. Thus you reduce the power consumtion by the printer and also get long life for your Printer.

If you are using printer with a parellel port then change over to a USB printer or get a parellel port to USB connector. This helps you to make your parellel port printer into a USB printer to ensure longer lilfe for your printer.

Sometimes the printer ink can dry up and block the holes if the printer is not in use for a long duration. So ensure you take at least one color printout once in three days to ensure that the printer cartridge holes do not get blocked and one or more color does not show up in your printed document.

When your printer is not in use, keep your printer covered to prevent damage and drying up of ink at the cartridge spray holes.

When your printer is in use, remove all covers that can block heat dissipation from your printer.

Your Printer is a small Computer by itself with its own microchip. If the printer is not well ventillated it can damage the printer head and its microchip.

Keep your Printer where there is adequate ventillation available to dissipate heat generated by your printer.

Regularly Download Latest Printer Drivers to get the best performance from your Printer and also to get all the bug fixes and new features introduced through the updated printer drivers.

Updating Printer Drivers upgrades your Printer to as good as a new Printer without buying a new printer.

I personally recommend  Download Driver Detective  which can Automatically Download and Install latest printer drivers with just a couple of mouse clicks and within 2 to 3 minutes without you spending even a single second searching for drivers online. Driver Detective actually downloads WHQL Certified and Digitally Signed Printer Drivers only. Thus you can be sure that the printer drivers being installed by driver detective has been tested and verified to be free of any virus or spyware. Driver Detective works on all 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 8 7 XP Vista ME 2000 and is small 1 mb software and is very easy to use.

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