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Fix PC Freeze/Crashes

Fix PC Freeze & Crashes

Did you know that most computer problems  are simple to fix all by yourself? Even a high performance high cost PC or Laptop slows down to less than 50% of its rated performance in just about one month of use. Further, if these errors are not fixed, then your computer starts freezing up and crashing with Windows blue screen or restart instantly and you lose all your work. Often a computer freeze or crash could make your hard disk corrupted and you lose all your important files. A little prevention can save all your hard work.

What Cause Computer Freezes ?

Computer Freezes and Crash can happen due to many reasons like Windows Registry errors, missing drivers, hardware failures like memory or hard disk failures and then there are virus, spyware, malware etc all or any one of these can lead to slowing down your computer performance to below 50% of its designed speed which will continue to increase as you keep using your computer and later may lead to computer freeze and crashes with total data loss. A little preventive maintenance is a good idea to stop all these from happening. Before that it is important that you understand each of these causes so that you can continue to maintain your computer performance as good as new.

Speedup Your Computer

Fix PC Freeze and Crashes. Speedup Your PC Performance. Click here In case you want to get instant results without doing things yourself manually then I recommend you Download RegCure Pro  which is one of the most comprehensive and technologically advanced computer repair software that can help you repair all your computer problems in just a few mouse clicks. The first click scans your computer for all hardware and software problems and displays it to you. When you click a second time on fix errors, the powersuite pro will repair all the detected registry errors, automatically download latest updated windows hardware device drivers from their respective manufacturers and even lets you tweak all the Windows hidden settings which will restore your computer performance back to the designed capability. Powersuite Pro does not require you to have any computer knowledge or experience and you do not have to call pc technician or pay hundreds of dollars to pc repair shop who may take may days to repair your computer.

Registry Errors Cause Computer Freezes

Windows Registry is the heart and nerve center of any PC or Laptop. When you install Windows operating in a new computer it installs a small file called Registry. This registry is like the index of a large book. To find a certain topic or chaper you can either search from the first page to the last page of the book. But an easier way for you is to refer the index of that book. Similarly, Registry is the index of Windows operating system. The registry contains information about Windows, all your installed software, hardware and their associated device drivers, location, side and contents of all your files and folders, all your settings, personal details, your browser settings and everything else about your entire computer.

How Windows Registry Get Corrupted?

When you install a new software it creates thousands of registry entries increasing the size of the Windows Registry. And when you uninstall a software it fails to remove these entries leaving behind millions of useless entries in your Windows Registry that slows your Computer performance. The size and errors in your Windows Registry continue to increase every day as you keep using your computer and every time you install or uninstall a software. Corrupted Registry can cause Computer Freeze or even Crash with a complete loss of all your important data. Always remember to backup all of your files using online cloud storage. Badly designed software will either over write and corrupt some Windows registry entries during installation or remove some critical registry entries required by Windows during uninstallation of the software. When Windows tries to read a corrupted Registry entry or cannot find the registry entry it needs, which was removed by a software during uninstallation, your Computer performance degrades because your Windows goes into a confused state called Computer Freeze or hang-up.  


Cleanup Windows Registry - Stop Computer Freeze

Windows Registry is first setup when you install Windows operating system. As you keep using your computer Windows continue to write thousands of registry entries everyday. All the software installed, opened, used, closed and uninstalled will also read and write entries into the Windows registry. This makes the registry size run into millions of lines. Windows/Software need to search through all these to find what it is looking for. So larger registry size slows you PC performance. Some registry errors if not removed may develop into Critical Registry Errors and cause Computer Freezes. Not removing these errors will cause Computer Crashes.  Read more..    


Update Hardware Drivers - Fix Computer Freezes

The next reason is hardware problem usually associated with Missing Windows Device Drivers or Corrupted Hardware Drivers. When a driver is missing or corrupted or overwritten, your hardware like printer, camera, phones, USB devices etc will not be recognized by Windows or your hardware will fail to work. This is very common problem and often leads to Computer Freezes and Crashes. Updating your hardware will ensure a lot of user reported bugs are fixed and you hardware also gets some newly introduced features. Read more..

Fix PC Freeze & Crashes


Remove Virus/Spyware - Repair Computer Freezes

Another reason for Computer Freezes and Crashes is that your computer is infected with Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Rootkits, Worms, Browser Hijackers, Dialers, Malware etc which uses up 100% of your CPU power slowing down your Computer performance and then they delete Windows protected files etc which cause catastrophic Windows Blue Screen Error Freezes and Crashes. A good Antivirus Software can help prevent this problem and restore your computer to work at its rated/designed peak performance levels like it was new.   Read more..



Delete Temporary Files - Speedup Your PC

Then there are the thousands of unwanted duplicate files and junk files existing in your Computer that use up space on your Hard disk making your CPU to run at 100% and get overheated causing PC Freezes and Crashes. To remove these useless temporary and duplicate files causing file fragmentation and occupying valuable space on your computer hard disk, you need to click on the "Start" button and click "Run.." or press "Windows" button and "R" alphabet together on your Keyboard to bring up the Run Dialog. Type the word temp and press enter. What ever you see in the temp folder is no more required and can be deleted to save disk space, reduce file fragmentation, increase hard disk data access times, which improves your overall computer performance and also repair computer freezes and crashes. You can find many such Computer Repair and Performance Speedup tips in the paragraphs below. To accomplish this task,  Download_Free_Video  (Right Click to  Download this Video to your computer) and learn how to do it all yourself or follow the steps below to Repair Computer Freezes/Crashes and Speedup Your PC/Laptop for High Performance. Follow the steps below once a week or at least once a month to ensure that your Computer works error free at peak performance. You may never need to call a PC technician by following these simple tips that anyone can easily do without having any Computer knowledge or experience.


Empty Windows Temp Folder to Fix PC Freezes & Crashes

Some temporary files cause Computer Freezes and Crashes. They also use up hard disk space and memory. Windows uses these files only once and they can be deleted confidently. To do this you need to type the word "temp" without quotes into the "Run.." Dialog box or navigate to C /WINDOWS/Temp folder in the Windows Explorer and delete all the files you see in that folder. These files are stored by Windows but never removed and thus eats ups your hard disk space.
It is safe to delete these temporary files to Speedup Your PC & Laptop. They will come back as soon as windows loads and you open any application again. In any case if any of these temporary files are in use then Windows will in any case not let you delete that file. The point is that you may run a software only once in a week or a month. Then why should the temp file stay active if it is not regularly required and why should it eat extra disk space and cause disk fragmentation and slow down your computer? When you open the program to work the temp files will be written again by Windows. Remove these temp files at least once in a week to keep your Computer Speed always at the peak levels.



Empty Local Settings Temp Folder to Fix PC Freezes & Crashes

 This folder also contains files Windows uses just once. Next time it wants to load the same file it actually just over writes the existing file. So leaving these files in the temp folders causes loss of hard disk space, increases the fragmentation of files and thus increases hard disk data access times which causes slow computer performance.  So these temporary files must also be deleted at regular intervals to prevent any computer freezes and crashes from occurring and to speedup your PC performance.
To do this, type "%Temp%" without the quotes into the "Run.." dialog box. Here you will find even more files. These are also temporary files that are mostly left over after Internet surfing and by programs you had used.  Delete all those files confidently to Speedup Your Computer as these files are not required anymore. Windows will not let you delete any of those file if they are still in use. That is OK because when you do this next time this file will get deleted. Some files which will never get deleted are those required by the programs that are already running in your tray like your Firewall, AntiVirus, AntiSpyWare and other programs which are always in use. You can leave them as it is because these files are required always and do not need to be deleted from the temp folders.


Uninstall Unwanted Programs to Speedup Your Computer

Often you install many applications that you never use. For example you may have two photo editors, or two word processors, or two antivirus etc. Just keep the better of the two and uninstall the other one because these programs use up a lot of your system resources like memory, hard disk space and also cause Registry Errors that lead to Computer Freeze and Crash. The Add/Remove Programs utility that comes with Windows fails to remove applications and programs completely from hard disk and registry, causing Slow PC Performance that eventually leads to PC Freezes & Crashes. I would recommend you to use a better program un-install tool like Perfect_Uninstaller to remove programs completely without a trace from hard disk and your Windows PC Registry. Lesser the Applications installed, better would be your PC Performance.




Remove Old Restore Points to Improve Hard Disk Performance

System Restore was an amazing enhancement that came with Windows ME to restore your computer if your Computer freezes or Crashes. System restore continues to be available even in Windows 8/7/XP/Vista as well. In case your computer starts showing errors, or your computer starts freezing or crashing, or you are not able to uninstall a software, or your PC has a Virus/Spyware attack or any such condition which you want to get out from, all that you need to do is to use system restore and revert your computer back to an old time and date when your computer was running good.
But unfortunately, Windows System Restore backs up all your files, folders, settings, registry, and everything else as an image that requires a lot of space on your hard disk. System restore points are created by Windows automatically and you can also create system restore points. I recommend that you create a new System Restore Point and remove all the old restore points to recover the used up hard disk space. Go to "Start/All Programs/Accessories" and select "System Restore". Create a new System Restore Point and close it.
Now again go to "Start/All Programs/Accessories" and select "Disk Cleanup". In this select all types of files listed by putting a tick mark and then click on "More Options" tab on top of dialog box. Now click "Cleanup" on Remove all but most recent restore point. You may also remove other options like optional Windows components and programs you don't use. Click OK and confirm "Yes". You have recovered many mob or even GB of your hard disk space which will immensely increase your computer speed.




Defrag Hard Disk to Speedup Your PC Performance

As your hard disk starts getting filled up, Windows starts to break up each file and starts storing the files in pieces where ever there is some space available on your hard disk. When Windows needs a file, your CPU needs to first locate each piece of each file at different location and join them before loading it into the memory. This slows computer performance. In case of power failure and such other conditions a piece of a file can even go missing for ever and can cause computer freezes or crash and that particular file becomes unreadable or lost. 
Windows has a defragmenter inbuilt that can be used to defragment your files to improve pc performance and gain disk space.  So it is very important to Defragment Your Hard Disk regularly to keep all your files in one piece without getting fragmented so that your CPU need not over work or over heat to find pieces of your files spread out in bits and pieces all over the hard disk.  This means better hard disk response or speed due to less data access times and thus Optimized PC Performance. Defragmenting hard disk is very important as the Hard Disk size is very large now a days.  Defragment Your Hard Disks Now




Compressing Your Hard Disk may Slow Down Your PC Performance

Do not allow Windows to Compress files to save disk space when the dialog box appears. This will slow down your PC by compressing files every time.  And when ever you want to get these compressed files back, then windows has to de-compress them again which again costs you valuable time. Use the compress drive function only  if you have hard disk space shortage. Today you can buy large capacity hard disks very cheap.  So why compress files on drives. Instead keep your hard disks cleaned up of unwanted files and defragment hard disk regularly.




Defragment Registry to Speedup Your PC Performance

Registry is the heart of your Windows. If you have too large sized Windows Registry, then your CPU will have to waste a lot of time trying to find the required entry as it has to go through millions of registry entries every time.  So it makes sense to Cleanup all Registry Errors and then Defrag the Registry because like files getting fragmented on the hard disk, even your Windows Registry Entries are dis-organized. So you need to defragment your Windows Registry to improve your Computer Performance and prevent Computer Freezing Problems and Crashes.  The basic Defragmenter available in Windows operating system is designed to defrag only your Hard Disks and it cannot defragment your Windows Registry. 


Registry Defragmentation can only be done using Registry Mechanic  which is an Award Winning Professional Windows Registry Cleaner Tool that has this facility inbuilt in it. Registry Mechanic has won many awards and star ratings from various software testing organizations world over and is one of the best software that gives you complete control over your Computer even if you are inexperienced.




Fix Windows Blue Screen Error & Computer Freezes

Windows Blue Screen Errors are one of the most frustrating for a PC user.  Because Blue Screen errors is actually informing that a Computer Freeze has already happened and it gives information about what caused the Blue Screen and the PC Freeze.  Often your computer may stay in that condition or may restart on its own. You need to restart your computer by pressing the reset button on your computer if it does not restart on its own. 
If you just have a monitor freeze but not a Windows Blue Screen Error, or while opening a program or file if your PC or Laptop suddenly becomes sluggish or stops responding then you can easily get out of that situation by this method. Press "CTRL" + "ALT" + "DEL " keys together.  This brings up Windows Task Manager dialog box. In this click the "Processes" tab and click on CPU. Look for any process that is running your CPU at 100% or close to that.  Click on that process and click on "End Process" button. Your PC will start to respond and work normally. Close Windows Task Manager.



Fix Computer Freezes and Crashes Due to Virus & Spyware

 Virus and Spyware are small software programmed by software engineers with bad intention of either crashing your computer or deleting all your files from your computer hard disk, steal your credit card numbers, internet banking user names and passwords etc which they can use to make money or buy items online using your credit card number and other details. 
Within 5 minutes of your connecting to the internet hundreds of Viruses and Spyware attack your PC or Laptop. There are over a million sites that are loaded with Viruses and Spyware on the internet and the numbers are alarmingly increasing. There is nothing anyone can do to stop it.  So do not connect your Computer to the Internet, if you have not installed a good antivirus and anti spyware software in your PC & Laptop.  Remove Computer Virus and also configure your Windows Firewall properly to protect your computer.


Remove Computer Virus Now !   


How to Fix PC Freezes Caused by Hardware Problems


Hardware Failure Freezes Your PC

If a power connection or a hardware cord has become loose then you just need to tighten or press it into the socket properly and your PC Freeze or Crashing problem will vanish. Very often the SMPS or the Power Supply unit is known to fail and you may need to replace it. If your power supply (SMPS) is having problems, then your computer may suddenly restart without warning as the power breaks. This could happen very frequently. Just change the SMPS with a new one as costs very little.


RAM or Memory Error cause PC Freeze

Have you ever heard a long beep during computer startup? This is a clear indication of your memory module failure or it is just loose in its slot. It is very easy to fix RAM.  Just open your PC and remove the RAM module and use a rubber eraser to clean its contacts or teeth till it starts to gleam golden and fix it back. Memory modules are known to cause Computer Freezes and crashes when you least expect it to happen.


Hard Disk Crash Freezes Your PC

Hard Disk failure can cause PC Freezes and Crashes. In this case you may lose all your data and files on it too. If there is a bad sector or your hard drive has failed then your screen will Freeze and your PC stops responding.  You may even find the hard disk activity red LED continuously on.  After sometime your PC will reboot and again Freezes up even before the start up has reached the Windows stage. This may repeat many times till you pull out the power plug . 
This is an indication of Crashed Hard Disk. You could avoid it by being careful. Never move your PC around when your hard disk read or write action is on and the HDD LED is on because the read write head may touch your hard disk and cause a scratch and make it unreadable for ever. Windows will term it as bad sector the next time you format your hard disk. But files existing there will not be available and Windows never tries to read or write on the bad sectors. You can learn more about hard how to  Optimize Your Hard Disk Performance.



Replacing VGA or Graphics Card

Very often you will find a Black or Blank Screen. Sometimes you may also find a single letter like 'f" or some other character being repeated on your monitor screen.  This is a clear indication of your VGA card or Graphics Card memory failure which needs replacement. Even if your Graphics card is onboard the motherboard buying a new graphics card is cheaper than sending the mother board for repairs.


Printer Not Working?

If your Printer has stopped working, first check its cables. Take power and data cables out and then reinsert them. If your printer still does not work, see that there is nothing jammed inside or your cartridge is over or damaged.   If all is fine physically then you should Download & Update your Printer Drivers. Experts recommend using a technologically advanced and easy to use Automatic Driver Update Tool to quickly update latest Drivers for all the hardware installed in your PC and make them work like new again. 
With the Driver Update Tool you will be able to scan your drivers to get information about which of your drivers are out of date, which of your drivers are missing or corrupted. When you click on the Update Drivers Button, the software automatically locates and downloads the exact model and manufacturer specific drivers and installs them in your PC or Laptop saving you hours of searching for drivers.  This software also lets you back your drivers already installed in your computer to a CD or USB drive which you can use later with a single mouse click to re-install all these drivers all in one go. It is an amazing display of technology available to a PC user today




Automatically Update all Device Drivers. Click hereFix PC Freezes due Missing Drivers

Missing and Corrupted Windows Drivers in your PC can make your hardware to stop working and even cause PC Freezes and crashes.  Downloading and installing wrong drivers can permanently damage your costly hardware like printers, sound cards, graphics and video cards and other usb devices like cameras, webcams, phones, audio equipment, storage media etc. Like a car, a train, a plane and a ship cannot be driven by anyone other than its own trained driver, pilot or a captain, each hardware needs its own driver files to make it work efficiently.  Driver files downloaded from bad websites may contain virus and spyware too.


New Drivers are released by your hardware manufacturer many times a year. When you download and install the latest drivers, your computer hardware gets bug fixes and new features introduced after you bought your hardware without paying any extra money.  So Update Drivers regularly to make your hardware work like new always and save money on hardware upgrade.


Download Driver Detective  -  is the World's most Trusted and Respected Automatic Windows Device Driver Download Tool since 1996. Download & Update all your Drivers Automatically from your Original Manufacturer Websites in 3 minutes. Driver Detective is only 0.99 mob file size and is designed to work on all PC Laptops running Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2000, ME & 98.  Read more...  



Most Computer Problems like PC Freezes and Crashes, Windows DLL Errors, Runtime Errors, System32 Errors, Kernel32 Errors, Windows Blue Screen Errors etc are caused by Corruption and Errors in Your Windows Registry which is the Nerve Center of your Computer.  Registry is read and written by Windows and all the software that you install, open, use, close and uninstall. Thus the size of registry increases everyday and so does the errors.  There are millions of entries in your PC Registry, so manually it is not possible to fix these errors. These errors slow down your Computer performance, Causes Computer Freezes and Crashes.

PC Health Advisor will Detect and Repair hundreds of Errors existing your PC/Laptop that is Slowing Down your Computer Performance.  It will also Update all your Windows Device Drivers and Optimize your Computer Performance to work like New,  without reinstalling Windows or calling any technician.  PC Health Advisor is actually a powerful 6-in-1 software designed to repair all your PC/Laptop Problems like Windows Error Messages, Repair Windows Registry Errors, Protect your PC against all types of Spyware/Malware, Erase History Files, Safeguard Your Identity Online, Update all Your Device Drivers to latest version, Fix PC Freezes/Crashes and Speedup your Computer for High Performance. 
PC Health Advisor does all these in under 5 minutes and is so simple to use that you don't need any computer knowledge or experience to use it.    Read more..



Cleanup Windows Errors
Fix PC Freezes/Crashes
Registry is the Core or the Nerve Center of your Windows Operating System. Any Error in your Windows Registry will cause Windows Errors, Computer Freezes and Crashes and even Data loss. Registry Mechanic Cleanup Errors in all 5 Sections of your Windows Registry and Optimizes your Computer Performance.  Read more..
Download Device Drivers
Download Device Drivers
Corrupted and Missing Drivers makes your Hardware to stop working, degrades your PC Performance and Freezes/Crashes Your Computer. Latest Drivers are released by your hardware manufacturer will have bug fixes and introduces New Features to your Old Hardware Without buying a new hardware. Driver Detective can Automatically Update all your Windows Drivers in minutes to fix all Missing/Corrupted Drivers, Fix Computer Freezes/Crash and Make your Computer Hardware work like New. Read More...

Repair File Association Errors
Open Any File
Sometimes a file will show up in your Windows explorer without an icon and the File fails to open when you double click on it because there is no program associated with it or it is associated with a wrong program that opens the file but you cannot read the opened file. FileCure can Repair all File Extension & Association errors in your Computer and Open any file in its correct file viewer/editor program.  Read More...
Recover Lost Files and Data
Recover Deleted Files
After your Computer Freezes and Crashes you may need to recover your files and folders from the hard disk. Some times you may want to recover lost files deleted long ago and emptied from the recycle bin or shift deleted files. Use Windows Data Recovery Pro to recover all your lost and deleted files.  Read more...
Download Anti-Spyware Software
AntiVirus Software
Prevent Computer Freezes and Crashes caused by Virus, Spyware, Trojans, Keyloggers, Rootkits, Browser Hijackers, Adware, Nagware etc. Protect your Computer with AntiVirus Plus, the AntiVirus Software with smallest footprint. Read more..
Prevent Identity Theft
Over 52 Billion US Dollars are lost annually in Credit Card Fraud. Even if you use a 128 bit encrypted secure site for your money transfer or purchases, hackers can still use a keylogger to capture all that you type or copy & paste with your mouse and keyboard to steal your Credit Card and Internet Banking numbers, usernames and passwords. Zemana AntiLogger adds an additional layer of protection for all your Online Financial transactions.   Read More...
Defrag and Optimize Your Hard Disk
Hard Disk Optimizer
Your hard disk performance decides your overall Computer Performance. Delete temporary files, junk files and duplicate files and regularly defragment your hard disk to reduce your hard disk data access times and prevent Computer Freezes and Crashes as well as keep your PC Performance at peak levels. Fix-it Disk Optimizer helps you do all these easily.   Read more...
Speedup Your PC Performance
Speedup Your Computer
Within weeks a brand new computer becomes slow due to many reasons. To get the maximum performance from your Computer and prevent frequent Computer Freezes and Crashes, you need to do a few routine maintenance. PC Speed Maximizer has been designed to all these automatically in a single mouse click. It needs no experience to use and saves you time and money needed for PC repair.   Read More...
Live Chat - Repair Computer Freezes, Crashes
Online Computer Repair
By far this is the safest way to repair problems like Computer Freezes, Crashes, Remove Virus/Spyware etc because you can talk to Certified Computer Experts Online and clear all your doubts on any computer problem and even watch your computer being repaired right in front of your eyes. They even provide Annual Maintenance Contract for your PC at unbelievably low price if you want.    Read More...