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Download Paretologic Anti-Virus Plus. Click hereParetologic Anti-Virus Plus

Paretologic Anti-Virus Plus Computer Security Software is the best Anti-Virus Software released in recent times. It has the smallest foot print. It uses very little system resources and  it is more powerful than most giant bloated antivirus softwares available online today. Antivirus plus removes Virus, Spyware, Adware, Malware, Keyloggers, Trojans, Browser hijackers, tool bar installers, rootkits, worms etc.


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StopZilla Anti-Spyware. Download Now StopZilla Anti-Spyware (4-in-1 Software)


StopZill is a bundle of Four Different PC Security Software. (Anti-Spyware, Anti-Virus, Anti-Adware & Popup Blocker) These four software can give all the necessary protection for your computer online. StopZilla has reveived numerous Awards from various publications and Software Testing Organizations world wide. It is used by more than 15 million people from over 60 countries in a very short time after its release. It comes from a company dedicated to their committment. 4 Software in one means very little system resources and thus it does not impact your PC performance.


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Download Internet Security Suite NowPC Tools Internet Security Software



Internet Security Suite is one of the best Computer Security Software ever release that is actually a bundle of 4 Powerful Software into one. (Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam and a FireWall Software). 4-in-1 Software means less system resources, less hard disk space and less memory requirement for High PC Performance. PC Tools is an established software company that has been around for over a decade with millions of downloads everyday. One of these 4 software also forms part of PC Security Software Pack distributed by Google which speaks volumes about its popularity and trust.


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Download Anti-Spyware Doctor (with Anti-Virus) Now.PC Tools Anti-Spyware (with AntiVirus)



PC Tools Spyware Doctor is another Computer Security Software that comes with an Anti-Spyware and an Anti-Virus combined into one software. Spyware steal your Internet banking and credit card details and send it online to hackers. Spyware doctor removes spyware, virus, Trojans etc. Make your PC safe for the internet.  A basic version of Spyware doctor also forms part of Google pack. That speaks about the popularity and trust people have in PC Tools and Spyware Doctor.


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Download Zemana Anti-KeyLogger PC Security SoftwareAnti-KeyLogger PC Security Software


Zemana Anti-Logger is the world's first Anti-Webcam Logger, Anti-Clipboard Logger, Anti-Keylogger and Anti-Screenlogger combined into one software. Zemana Anti-Logger is a Powerful PC Security Software that starts protecting your Computer Online when your Anti-Virus Software fails. Zemana antilogger does not rely on Virus signatures. It uses a highly advanced and sophisticated algorithm to detect any suspecious activity going on in your PC/Laptop likely to be a virus or  malware and instantly stops it. Thus even a zero day virus or malware cannot harm your PC/Laptop. Zemana antilogger adds an additional Computer Security layer to Protect your financial transactions using Internet Banking and Credit Card payments online.


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Download Atherion Identity Pro. Click hereAtherion PC Security Software



Every second 4 identity crimes happens world over. Every year it is estimated that 10 million Americans fall victim to hackers stealing their Credit Card and Internet Banking details online. Many companies have spent millions in law suite to save their clients who fell victim to online hackers. Protect your PC from online hackers with Atherion Identity Pro which is an Advanced PC Security Software.


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