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Internet Security Suite

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Internet Security Suite is Powerful Award Winning 4-in-1 Computer Security Software (Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam and a Firewall) embedded into it. And Four Software-in-One means, only 25% of system resources like Hard Disk Space, CPU power, Memory will be required for each of these 4 applications when running together and thus High PC Performance can be maintained at high levels compared to 4 times system resources that would be required if you were to run 4 different applications. A basic version Spyware Doctor which is already included this PC Security Software is distributed even by Google along with Google Pack which speaks volumes about this software.


Originally PC Tools had created PC Tools Spyware Doctor which is an excellent Anti-Spyware Software. Then they created PC Tools Anti-Virus Software. Then they came up with another successful Software called PC Tools Firewall Plus and later came PC Tools Anti-Spam. Every software they created was accepted by Computer users world over with enthusiasm. The success of all these four software led into the ultimate and most powerful Software Suite - The PC Tools Internet Security Suite which combined all these four hugely successful Software into a Single Software to protect a computer from every possible threat online. The PC Tools Internet Security Suite is downloaded by 125 million of PC users from over 100 countries world over.


Does Internet Security Effect You ?

Internet Security is a complex subject. CNN reports that "A brand new PC or Laptop gets infected with Viruses, Spyware, Malware, Keyloggers, browser hijcakers, rootkits etc within the first five minutes of connecting to the internet."  This is a true and statistically proven fact. Because there are more than one million malware sites on the internet and the numbers are growing with each passing day. This means your computer is already infected with one or more of these kind of threats from the internet. You may not notice any affect of these malware or viruses on your computer immediately.
Because they are designed by software engineers with a wrong bend of mind called internet hackers. The spyware or virus activates itself much later on a certain pre determined date and time or may load with a certain program so that you do not doubt that it is a virus but a genuine software that you installed that is causing the problems. Once installed and activated a virus can Freeze and Crash your PC or erase all your data from your hard disk. A Spyware can transmit your usernames and passwords of your email, your internet banking details, your credit card numbers etc to the internet hackers.
A Browser Hijacker can load unwanted webpages or change your browser home page etc. Do you still feel that internet security does not concern you?


How Does Spyware Install on Your Computer ?

It is a pity that most people are not aware of the Dangers of Internet Security. When you open a webpage by visiting a site your broser downloads a few files and pictures.  The spyware also gets downloaded along with them. Some hackers pack the Spyware with genuine software given as Freeware. Spyware also come packed with Driver Downloads from bad websites. And when you install these software or try to install the drivers you downloaded as .zip or .exe file formats, the Spyware also get installed.
Most Spyware installs and start running as genuine Microsoft Process and neither you nor Windows can detect their presence. And the Spyware keeps sending everything you type in your PC, all the websites you visit and all your creditcard, banking usernames passwords etc to hackers without you ever coming to know. Yes, you will get to know very soon when the hacker transfers your money from your bank account or uses up your credit card limit buying what he wants online. Internet Security is a serious business.
Protect yourself and your PC. Make your PC Secure right now.    Download Internet Security Suite.


Internet Security Loopholes in Internet Explorer

As mentioned earlier hackers are actually very intelligent software programers who can reverse engineer any software and even Windows. They have indepth knowledge of Windows and find loopholes left by Microsoft in Windows Operating System or in Internet Explorer and use them to enter and cause chaos in your computer. Microsoft has been issuing regular updates to plug these security holes. But that is only after a hacker has used that security lapse to install spyware or virus in many computers world wide. By then it may be too late if your PC or Laptop has also been attacked. Getting an Update from Microsoft is of no help after the hacker has stolen your important data or crashed your PC.


Use A FireWall to Plug Internet Security Loopholes

A Firewall actually means a removable partition that was made in a large room to contain the fire from spreading to the entire room if one end of the hall is on fire. On the internet, a Firewall is the name used for a Software Tool that allows you to connect to the internet, but does not allow a hacker or any website to access your computer from a remote location. Firewalls are fully customizable and you decide which program connects to the internet from your PC and which site or person can access your PC or Laptop using the internet. Windows has an inbuilt Firewall. But it very crude and Microsoft is not giving out as many updates to it. For an average PC user it is enough. But a PC used for shopping online with credit cards or internet banking needs a professional Firewall.
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It has an excellent fully customizable Firewall along with an Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Anti-Spam. Its firewall is so effective that no program can connect to the internet without your permission. It even  hides your IP address if you need to. Once you install the Internet Security Suite, your PC and Laptop is hidden behind the Firewall and no hacker or website can see your computer or access any data without your knowledge and expres permission. Neither can any keylogger or spyware send any information from your PC or Laptop to any hacker online without your knowledge.


The Internet Security Suite has a memory scanner that constantly scans your computer memory to detect and remove any malware, virus spyare etc immediately.  The new version Internet Security Suite also has a Download Guard which stops any new threats by checking your downloads against a cloud-based network. The Multi-layered browsing protection implemented in Internet Security Suite give complete protection against all types web-based attacks including phishing attempts, scare tactics and silent automatic malicious downloads. Thus your Computer is completely protected against all Internet Security threats by Internet Security Suite. You can access internet without any fear once you have Installed Internet Security Suite in your Computer.



Internet Security Protects Your PC From

  • Viruses
  • Trojans
  • Worms
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  •  Malware
  • Key Loggers
  • Identity Theft
  • Tracking Threats
  • Browser Hijackers
  • Unwanted Toolbar Installers
  • Known & Unknown Rootkits
  • Unwanted Software
  • Phishing Sites
  • Blocks Popups
  • Hacker Attacks
  • Hacking Websites.


Internet Security Suite Awards

Download Award Winning PC Tools Internet Security Suite


Internet Security Suite  Benefits

- Protects your PC from Dangerous Spyware
- Protects your PC from Virus Attacks
- Protects your PC against Email Spam
- Come with a Powerful FireWall Software
- Safeguards from Identity Theft
- Protects your PC from Hackers & Network Attackers
- Fast and Easy to Use without any Experience
- System Resources of One used by all four
- Has Intelligent Automatic Protection Built in
- Fully Configurable Interface
- Advanced IntelliGuard Technology
- Regular Threat Updates
- 125 million Downloads World wide
- 24 x 7 Customer Care & Support

Internet Security Suite Requirement

  • Processor : Intel Pentium III or equivalent
  • Memory : 256 MB or more
  • Hard Disk Space:   10 MB


Windows Requirement

  • Windows 8         (32bit & 64bit)
  • Windows 7         (32bit & 64bit)
  • Windows Vista   (32bit & 64bit)
  • Windows XP       (32bit & 64bit)


Download Internet Security Suite. Click here

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