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What is Windows Registry ?

Repair Windows Errors & Optimize Your Computer Performance. Click hereMicrosoft designed Windows around its core nerve center called PC Registry. Your Windows registry stores all information about your Windows Computer in the Registry. In fact, every information that you can think of about your computer is stored in the Windows Registry. Whenever you tell your computer to do a task like open a file, Windows refers to the Registry for information regarding where the file is stored on your computer, its size so that it can make space in the memory to load it, the file extension type so that it can tell the associated program to open that file etc.  Similarly when you say Print this document, Windows searches your registry to find a printer connected to your PC and then looks for the location where the printer driver is and loads them into the memory and finally the print command is sent.

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Thus Windows Registry is what makes your Computer to function. When your Windows Registry gets corrupted your PC & Laptop performance will degrade and you will start getting Windows Error Messages. Any critical registry error will popup a Windows Blue Screen Error halting your Computer. This is Computer Freeze and your PC may then Crash and restart.  Repair all your Computer Problems and Optimize Your PC for high performance in 2 minutes. Save hundreds of dollars you spend on PC Laptop repair.

Understanding Windows Registry

Windows Registry is a very poorly understood term. A lot of people today know what is Windows Registry but they don't actually know how and why Registry was designed by Microsoft.

Windows Registry is like a Large Book
To understand Windows Registry, it makes a lot of sense to consider Windows Operating System as a large book with millions pages in it. Each page contains a single code or instruction to be executed or the location of printer driver or the location of a folder/file in your Computer hard disk or CD or floppy etc. How will you access a particular topic in this large book you created? Obviously, you cannot search each page in a large book. You will try to search for an index in the book that will give all the topics in their alpahbetical order and with a page number against it. But if you know which section or chapter the topic is in then you can go directly there. Microsoft used the same indexing technology found in large books and called it the Windows Registry. They simply categorised and indexed the millions of codes or entries related to all the  files and folders in your PC or Laptop, your hardware information, your devices drivers, software installed in your Computer, your personal and user settings, and everything else you can imagine, into your Windows Registry.

How to Find Windows PC Registry ?
To see how your Windows Registry looks like press Windows Key and R key together to get the Run.. Dialog box. Now type the word REGEDIT into it. You can explore all five sections of your Windows Registry. But remember NOT to edit anything in the Windows Registry because, a single error in your Windows Registry can cause computer freezes and crashes and may be loss of your hard disk data. There are millions of registry entries and manual editing of registry is recommended and is actually humanly possible either. That is why computer experts recommend users to  Download  RegCure to cleanup Registry errors for error computing experience and optimize their comptuer performance.

How is Windows Registry Corrupted ?
It is amazing to know that Windows per say does not cause errors in the Windows Registry. The problem is that all the software you install in your computer write registry entires. All the hardware that you install or connect to your PC or Laptop also write registry entries pertaining to the location of their driver files. Not only that, every software reads the Windows Registry and writes new entries into it, whenever you open a software, use a software and close that software like your MS Word, Excel, Notepad, Photo editor, Media Player etc. But bad software may write wrong entries into your Windows Registry and corrupt it.

Big Windows Registry Cause Slow PC Performance
With regular use, your Computer's Windows Registry will keep growing in size. Large Registry means your Computer has to scan through a larger registry for Windows to find a piece of code to execute an instruction. This causes delays. The delay may be in milliseconds. But when your computer has to execute millions of codes or calculations per second, your Computer Performance will become very slow.

Windows Registry Errors Cause Computer Freezes
When your Computer reads a wrong registry entry for example the location of a file you want to open whichdoes not exist anymore because you had deleted that file which was not corrected in the registry for some reason, you will find that your computer is freezing up. Computer Freezes are also called as Computer Hang up or Computer Lock up. Now Windows has gone into a problem. Unless the software that caused this computer freeze has not been programed to stop searching for the file after a certain time and proceed to the next step, you will find your computer remains frozen. But after a delay Windows realises that the software is freezing up your computer and may try to get out of the situation by either telling you that a program is not responding and may give you an option to close it or wait till it responds. And after some more time, you may get a Windows Blue Screen Error and your PC or Laptop may restart on its own or your monitor may remain frozen and will not respond to your mouse or keyboard inputs. Computer Freezes are very common and very frustrating if it happens when you are doing something important.

Computer Freezes Leads to Computer Crashes
Once your computer freezes and you don't find the problem and remove it from your Windows Registry, your computer may crash with a Windows blue screen error saying your computer has been halted. This is a safety feature that Microsoft had built into Windows operating system. But unfortunately, when your Computer Crashes you lose your current work, your files that were open and even cause loss of data, damage your hard disk, especially if data was being written to the hard disk or other storage medium like CD, DVD etc. Thus preventing Computer Freezes and Crashes is important and to this end you have to ensure that your Windows Registry size is small and error free.

Reduce Windows Registry Size
Smaller the Windows Registry size, the faster your Computer will run. You may be having the best computer in the world with the ultimate CPU. But if your Windows Registry is corrupted with errors and has large size, your computer will run much much slower than its rated performance speed. To reduce your Windows Registry Size, you can do many things.


Does Uninstalling Software Reduce Registry Size ?
NO, just by uninstalling a software you cannot reduce your Windows Registry size. This is because, most software never removes all the entries that it wrote into your Windows Registry. There are many reasons to this. The first is that almost 90% of the registry entries written during installation of a software gets modified when you start using that software and the software uninstaller fails to remove these modified entries because it does not recognize them. The second reason is that removing the wrong registry entry could cause computer freezes and crashes. This can cause people to sue the software company and they don't want that to happen. And leaving these millions of unwanted useless registry entries may not do much harm, other than making the registry size large and is safer for the software company. Thirdly, in case you re-install the same software some days later, then your old settings and configurations of that software will be readily available to you which is what the software company wants to happen. Thus by merely uninstalling a software your Windows Registry size will not reduce much. It is recommended that you  Download  RegCure to cleanup your Windows Registry errors and defragment the registry to reduce the registry size and regain your computer's lost performance and speed.


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         Download RegCure Registry Cleaner. Click here

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