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Remove Computer Virus Now!

What is a Computer Virus

Computer Virus is nothing but a small software designed by a highly knowledgeable Computer Programmer. The sole aim of a computer virus is to crash the computer of an unsuspecting user. Today, there are thousands of viruses being transmitted through various websites, in downloaded files, through free software, through emails, in CD, DVD, Floppy, USB devices, Phones, Digital Cameras and virtually any medium including wireless blue tooth and everything that you can imagine. So not buying and installing a good antivirus software in your computer making silly excuses that you do not connect your PC or Laptop to the internet is highly dangerous. A Virus can actually wipe out all your important hard disk data in the blink of an eye. You will be amazed to find that your computer already has many virus installed and live. A few indications and symptoms of a Computer Virus existing in your PC or Laptop is as given below: -

Remove Computer Virus Now!

How Computer Virus Enters Your PC/Laptop ?

Often a Computer Virus enters a PC or Laptop from virus loaded websites online, and through email. The Computer Virus comes in your Email as attachments like .exe,.bat,.scr and.vbs extensions. Even if you do not connect your PC to internet the Computer Virus can still enter your computer through CD, USB devices, Floppies, Digital Cameras and such other devices that you may insert into your PC. It is estimated that there are over one billion websites of which more than one million is malware loaded webistes on the internet. That means one out of every thousand website that you visit can infect your computer with a virus or spyware or a trojan or a worm. These websites are so designed that the moment the website opens on your computer screen, the virus or spyware gets downloaded. The virus downloads like a part of the webpage your are viewing. This makes it impossible for either your web browser security features or even your antivirus program from detecting its presence. To prevent Computer Virus entering your PC/Laptop remember to always Scan DVD/CD/Floppy/USB Devices before inserting these into your Computer. Remember that Prevention is Better than Cure.

Why You Can't Remove a Computer Virus ?

Once downloaded to your computer, the virus or spyware launches itself and starts installing in a stealth mode like a genuine microsoft program or an essential service. Thus the virus or spyware has ensured that a common antivirus program cannot even detect it running and causing problems even if you do a mannual scan. Any program running in the kernel mode or Ring 0 of Windows cannot be deleted without stopping it. And the virus running as a windows protected program cannot be stopped. So if your want to remove this virus you will have to actually switch off your computer and restart in DOS mode without the Windows loading. Then you will have to navigate in the DOS mode to the folder where the virus exe file is installed and delete it.

Computer Virus Uses Your Email to Replicate

Once installed, the virus does not usually do any harm. The programmer wants the virus to send its own copy to other computers using your email address book either from your own computer through CD,floppy, USB devices etc or from your email host server to ensure that the virus spreads to as many computers in the world as possible. When the computer virus starts sending its own copy as email from your computer you can see that your internet modem has continuous activity. Once the computer virus achieves this, it starts to slow down your computer performance, delete important Windows files that cause Computer freezes and crashes.

Anti-Virus Software. Removes Computer Virus

Once your PC or Laptop is infected with a Computer Virus or a Spyware/Malware it is possible to remove it easily using a good AntiVirus Software. There are many antivirus software available in the market. You may even find free antivirus tools. But remember not to compromise on your antivirus software. In fact, you should buy and install a good antivirus software the moment you have bought a new PC or laptop or you have freshly installed Windows Operating System. As mentioned above, often some virus and spyware are very hard to detect. If not detected, it cannot be removed and this computer virus could crash your PC/Laptop and wipe out all your data from the hard disk in such a way that it cannot be recovered. I strongly recommend you to Download Paretologic Anti-Virus Free Scan. After the free virus scan you will be amazed at the number of Virus, Spyware, Trojans, Worms, Keyloggers, Browser hijackers, Dialers and other Malware already existing in your computer.

Do Not Install More Than One AntiVirus Software

Many people think that they will get better results by installing more than one antivirus software. This is not correct. when Windows operating system loads, it ensures that your computer protections software like antivirus software loads before other software programs. But if you have installed a second antivirus software, then the first antivirus software software that loads during startup of your computer will detect the second antivirus software as a virus and will not let load, delays your computer startup or freeze up your computer before completing the startup sequence. At times your computer will crash, restart and crash again repeating this process. If such a problem occurs, use Windows System Restore to bring back your computer to previous state before you installed the second anti-virus software. To install another antivirus software, you must uninstall your existing Anti-Virus Software and restart your computer once and then only try to install the new antivirus Software. Sometimes anti-virus software does not uninstall. Some times the virus itself may not uninstall itself completely from your computer. In such cases you may use Perfect-Uninstaller. It can remove any software or application without leaving any trace. Perfect Uninstaller is many times better than using the Windows inbuilt Add/Remove and is strongly recommended by computer experts world over.

Updating AntiVirus Software in Your Computer

Remember that internet hackers are always coming out with new improved computer viruses and spyware that beats the latest anti-virus and AntiSpyware software available in the market. The antivirus software companies keep a vigil and whenever a new computer virus is discovered or reported by a user, they immediately release a patch or update for these new virus and spyware. It is thus very very important that you keep your antivirus software updated by downloading the patches and updates from your antivirus company websites. The antivirus updates are usually given away free because the antivirus company wants to keeps its reputation high. This game between the antivirus company and virus creating hackers are continuously on. Ensure that you do not fall victim to any Internet Cyber Crime

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