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Registry Mechanic is the most thorough Windows Registry Cleaning Software ever released. It is not only a powerful Windows Registry Cleaner and registry compactor, but It allows you to tweak and Optimize all the Windows Settings to get the maximum performance from your costly PC or Laptop with just a few mouse clicks and Works on all - 32/64 Bit Windows 8 7 XP Vista.



Registry Mechanic Features

Registry Mechanic beats all other software in the amazing number of features that are built into it. The latest verson allows you to tweak so many features which were originally accessible to professionals only. They are dangerous features which if wrongly tweaked could have crashed a computer. But with Registry Mechanic all these features are reversible as it makes a back up of every change you make and it does NOT allow you to do anything that can freeze or crash your computer. A few of these professional features are given below: -



  • Easily Cleanup Your Windows Registry Errors With Registry Mechanic
    The Windows Registry is nerve center of your Computer. Any registry error can slow your Computer Performance drastically and any critical error in your PC registry can Freeze or Crash your Computer. Microsoft however did not give any means to cleanup Windows Registry and allows all software to read and write to your PC Registry. Some bad software can write wrong entries in your PC Registry during installation, use or un-installation. This causes slow computer performance, pc freeze and crashes. Registry Mechanic will easily find and cleanup all Windows Registry Errors in 2 minutes.
  • Registry Mechanic can Defragment & Compact Windows Registry
    Windows Disk Defragmenter can Defragment your Files and Folders in your Hard Disk. But it cannot defragment your Windows Registry. But Registry Mechanic has this unique Registry Defragmentation feature. Registry Mechanic defragments and compacts your Registry boosting your PC Laptop Performance even more.
  • Registry Mechanic Creates Automatic System Restore Point
    Before making any changes to your PC or your Windows Registry Registry Mechanic will automatically create a System Restore Point. In case you make a mistake, you can always get your system back to the previous state. So go ahead and tweak your Computer without any worries.
  • Tuneup Your Windows Services with Registry Mechanic
    Windows Services are essential for your PC to perform various tasks. Almost all Services are started with your Computer Bootup out of which a few are never used by you because your home or Office PC is used for those functions. These un-necessary services use up your RAM or Memory and make your CPU work extra without any output. You can turn off these unwanted servies with just a single mouse click. Registry Mechanic gives you an option to select the minimum or recommended settings. Depending on what you select Registry Mechanic will analyse your PC and then turns off these useless services. You don't need any technician to turn off services anymore.
  • Registry Mechanic Optimizes Your System Processes
    Once you click on the Optimize System, Registry Mechanic will Automatically check all your running processes and start optimizing and prioritizing each process. It might take about 30 seconds. Once optimized you will find an quantum increase in your overall computer performance
  • Monitor Your PC Health and Startup Shutdown Times
    Registry Mechanic will monitor your computer health with each and every startup and shut down sequence of your PC or Laptop and provide you with stastical history and recommendations for achieving faster startup shut down times and improve your PC health.
  • Only Registry Mechanic can Monitor Your Windows Registry
    Monitoring Windows Registry is a unique feature found only in Registry Mechanic. You can actually monitor which program is writing what entry into your Windows Registry and you have full control of deleting or modifying these entries if you have enough knowledge about Windows Registry. Registry Mechanic keeps making backups regularly so that even if you make some mistake you can also revert back to your original registry settings with a single mouse click.
  • Manage Your Startup Services with Registry Mechanic
    Registry Mechanic allows you to make changes to your Windows Startup items. A lot of unwanted third party programs startup with your computer bootup. Most of these can be started up later when you use those functions instead of starting with Windows and slowing down your Computer Startup. For example your Printer Drivers, adobe pdf reader etc  gets loaded every time you start your PC and stays in the tray. But if you are not using printer immediately on startup then the printer drivers need not load with computer startup. In any case when you give a print command the printer driver will be loaded by Windows. So why allow these useless items to startup with Windows? Get a superfast PC startup by disabling these unwanted items from starting up with your PC bootup with Registry Mechanic easily.

  • You Get Complete Control of all Windows Tools with Registry Mechanic
    Registry Mechanic allows you to do all difficult task that requires professional technicians. You can very easily tweak these Windows Tools yourself with complete confidence
    • Computer Management
    • Windows Update
    • System Restore
    • System Properties
    • System Information
    • Control Panel
    • Local Security Settings
    • Local Users and Groups
    • Group Policy Editor
    • Windows Security Center
    • Device Manager
    • Disk Management


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(Works on all 32/64 bit Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)