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Speedup Computer Performance

Speedup You Computer Performance
Computer Performance Speed degrades as you continue to use your PC/Laptop. With regular use, your computer gets cluttered with junk, useless files. Many of these temporary files will also have your sensitive & private information. Your Windows Registry also gets clogged with useless, empty & redundant entries. All these will keep increasing your Windows Registry size and the Registry Errors which start popping up as Windows Error Messages that will slow down your PC/Laptop performance. If you do not take any action to repair these errors then your Computer Freezes and Crashes.


PC Speed Maximizer is a simple utility that can Repair and Speedup Computer Performance with a few mouse clicks.It will Automatically Scan, Detect & cleanup all your Windows Registry Errors and cleans up all Privacy related files to protect your PC Identity online.

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PC Speed Maximizer can also Tweak and Optimize your Windows settings for Error Free, High PC performance.  PC Speed Maximizer will cleanup your Computer and Windows Registry to keep your PC performance like new & protect your Privacy. As time passes, the junk files in your computer will continue to increase and use up more and more hard disk space, which will slow down your computer Performance. Also, the references to these files in your Windows Registry will increase the registry size and registry errors which will cause slow PC Performance and lead to PC Freeze or crash.

Defragmenting your hard disk regularly will improve PC Performance to a some extent. The maximum computer speed and performance is gained by defragmenting the Windows Registry. But the Defragmenter that is inbuilt in Windows can defragment only your hard disk files and it is not designed to defragment the Windows Registry.
However, PC Speed Maximizer can Defragment your Windows Registry in addition to fixing the PC Registry Errors, cleaning up unwanted junk files that compromise your computer security and Optimize Your PC & Laptop for High Performance in just 2 minutes. You don't need any experience or technician to use PC Speed Maximizer. Weather you use a software to speedup your computer performance or not, it is highly recommended that you keep your files on the hard disk always defragmented.
A properly organized hard disk will save your CPU a lot of effort in finding the files on it as they are better organized. This reduces your hard disk data access times that will go a long way in keeping your PC speed optimum. You need to understand the way files are stored on a hard disk to fully understand the importance and necessity of Hard Disk Optimization which is a huge subject in itself.


I am sure you are aware that hard disks now a days come at speeds ranging from 7500 rpm to 15,000 rpm compared to the 2500 rpm in the old times. But the fast speed of hard disk is of no use if your files are fragmented because that will increase the time your CPU has to wait to get a file from your hard disk. Your ultimate high power CPU cannot proceed with its job unless a file is retrieved from the hard disk. So the very first step to getting a fast computer is to optimize your hard disk.


Cleanup Registry Errors to Speedup Computer Performance


To Speedup Computer Performance it is very important that a few steps be taken. As you are aware the Windows Registry will be the first to tackle. Registry is backbone of Windows because your CPU searches for file locations, driver location, your settings, and everything else in the registry and also keeps writing new entries into the registry. Every software or application you install or uninstall into your computer needs to read and write entries into the Windows Registry. The problem is that although Windows never writes any wrong entry, some badly designed software does over write Windows Registry Entries with their own. This makes Windows to look for things but never finds it. The CPU waits for the data to be retrieved from the registry and then gets confused slowing your computer performance. This is then followed by a computer freeze and probable computer crash. Thus you need to Cleanup Windows Registry Errors as the first step towards increasing computer performance. PC Speed Maximizer is  designed to repair your Windows Registry and speedup your computer performance in minutes.


Speedup Startup Computer Performance

Your computer startup delay is actually a measure of how it will perform post startup. This is because a lot of programs startup with Windows. Some of these are genuinely required to run. But some programs don't have to start at all if you are not going to use it during this usage. For example, your printer driver loads with every computer start. However, if you are not going to use your printer regularly, these printer drivers and software will only occupy your computer memory permanently and your computer performance will degrade.


Low Virtual Memory Degrades Computer Performance Speed


The loading up of unnecessary files into the memory causes your other software to load into the memory slow when you open them. Sometimes the Windows may give an error message that your computer is low on memory. The reason is that if there is not enough memory or RAM installed then, your computer will shift data not in use at present from the memory to the hard disk in a space reserved called page file or virtual memory. When any of those files are required then something else will be shifted to page file and the required file will be brought back into your PC memory. This causes undue time delay and slows your computer performance.


To overcome the startup of unwanted programs and drivers into your PC memory and speedup your computer performance, you need to deactivate some programs from loading with Windows. You can use PC Speed Maximizer to accomplish this task and achieve a fast computer startup as well as Optimizes your Computer's Performance Speed also.


Delete Junk/Duplicate Files to Speedup Computer Performance

It is amazing that most people keep storing thousands of duplicate files of the original in many locations on the hard disk. Then there are millions of junk and backup files created in temporary files by Windows itself whenever you open a software like word processor or photo editor etc. These files as large as the original files and eat up a lot of disk space and adds to the fragmentation. This makes the windows registry size also larger.


The more the data on your hard disk, the more the workload on your CPU to look through this millions of files to find that one single file it may be looking for. It also keeps your hard disk rotating wasting power and heating up your computer and slowing down computer performance drastically. Thus finding and deleting all junk and duplicate and backup files is a necessity towards improving computer performance. More over some temporary files also have some private and sensitive data that must be deleted regularly to keep your identity and privacy safe. PC Speed Maximizer is designed to search, find and delete all junk, duplicate, backup, privacy files effortlessly saving you a lot of time and optimizing your computer performance in minutes.

PC Speed Maximizer Benefits

- Repairs all PC Registry Errors
- Cleanup all Unwanted Junk Files
- Delete Temporary files
- Delete Internet History
- Deletes Privacy Files
- Repairs Invalid shortcuts
- Manage PC Startup Items
- Protects Your PC Privacy
- Defragment Hard Disk
- Defragment & Compress Windows Registry
- Tweak & Optimize Windows Settings
- Tweak Internet Settings
- 24 x 7 Customer Care & Support
- Works on all Windows Platforms
- Speedup Your Computer Now   -   Download  PC  Speed  Maximizer


PC Speed Maximizer Screenshots

Download PC Speed Maximizer Now

This is a screenshot of PC Speed Maximizer Quick Scan Results


PC Speed Maximizer System Requirement

  • Intel Pentium III or compatible processor
  • 256 Megabytes (MB) of RAM or more
  • 20 MB free hard disk space required for initial installation
  • Internet connection


Windows Operating System

  • Windows 8            (32 bit & 64 bit)
  • Windows 7            (32 bit & 64 bit)
  • Windows Vista     (32 bit & 64 bit)
  • Windows XP         (32 bit & 64 bit)
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows Server
  • Windows ME  & 98SE


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