Clean Memory Module Can Speedup Computer Performance

Speedup Computer Performance by Cleaning Your Memory Module (RAM)

Cleanup Your Computer Memory Module to Stop Computer Freezes and Crashes as well as Slow Computer Performance Problems. Your computer speed depends on the amount of RAM or Memory Module capacity. Today memory modules are available in 1 GB to many Giga Byte capacity. Each memory module has a few hundred golden colored contacts which looks like a comb. Very often these golden comb contacts of the memory module will spark and arc if they become loose in the slot and carbon get deposited between the ram and slot where the golden legs should make electrical contact. This causes a few memory module contact points to break and data transfer will stop happening. This can lead to computer becoming slow as the data will now have to be retrieved by your computer through other good contact legs. This causes your computer speed to degrade. Often you may find your computer freezes and crashes without any warning or may just restart and you will start hearing some beeping sound from the CPU.

How to Cleanup Memory Module and Speedup Computer Performance ?

You do not need to call a technician to Speedup Your Computer Performance. This is a very simple task. Just open your computer cabinet and look for the memory module and pull it out. Now you can see the contact legs are dirty yellow in color. Take a pencil eraser (rubber) and rub the contacts gently and carefully. This will clean all the dirt and carbon deposit off and your RAM or memory module contacts will starting gleaming like gold. Actually these contacts are actually gold platted and that is why they cost so much. Once cleaned, you can insert the RAM or memory modules back into the slot firmly and close the computer cabinet. Your computer freezes and crash should never happen again and You have done a small trick which will also Speedup Computer Performance. It works almost every time.

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