Fix Shortcuts Speedup Computer Performance

What is a Windows Shortcut ?

Shortcuts are links you place on your computer desktop or task bars etc so that you can go to the actual file or folder without having to navigate through the Windows Explorer. To place a shortcut on your desk top is very simple. Go to any folder or a file you want however deep inside the folders your file is using Windows Explorer. Right click on the file or folder you want a short cut on the desktop and select the option “Send to”. This will show you more options like Desktop, CD/DVD, Document etc. Click on Desktop and a small 1 kb link is placed on the desktop which will have a small blue curved arrow on the left bottom. Now you just need to click on this shortcut and the file or folder nested deep inside many folders will open. Shortcuts save time and effort. The Start Button on the left bottom of your computer is actually a pool of shortcuts organized into various categories like Accessories, Microsoft etc. You click on the shortcuts there and it takes you to the original programs nested in C:/Windows/system32/ folder or some other folders.

How Windows Shortcut Errors Slows Your Computer Speed ?

Consider that you accidentally deleted the folder for which you have created a shortcut on the desktop. Now if you double click the shortcut placed on the desktop, Windows will start searching for the file or folder which you have deleted and will not be able to find it or open it. Windows will now keep searching and you see that your computer is busy and not responding to your mouse and keyboard inputs. Windows has an inbuilt time of 20 seconds for which it will remain in the confused state trying to look for this missing file after which it will give a warning that the file is deleted or not accessible or just hang up which you call computer freeze. In effect, your computer wasted a lot of time looking for a file which no more exists in the location the shortcut is pointing. This also could happen if you shift the original file to another location instead of deleting it. Windows does not look for this missing folder or correct the shortcut error itself. This is just an example of a shortcut you placed on the desktop. Every Software you install into your computer and Windows itself places hundreds of shortcuts in your computer without your knowledge. Any of these shortcuts could lead to a problem and slow down your computer performance.

How to Fix Shortcuts & Speedup Computer Performance ?

You will need a professional software like SpeedyPC Pro which has an intelligent algorithm which detects this kind of shortcut errors and repairs the broken shortcuts automatically. All that you need to do is Download the software and install it on your computer. When you run SpeedyPC it will ask you for a scan. Once the scan which takes just about a minute, SpeedyPC Pro will display a list of all shortcut errors as well as hundreds of other errors existing in your computer which needs to be fixed to restore your computer back to its original rated speed.

Can I Manually Fix Shortcut Errors ?

Yes. To fix shortcut errors yourself manually, you will need to first find each and every shortcut in your computer, right click on it and then click on the Properties. Now click on the Shortcut tab on top and in the bottom you will find Open File Location tab. Click on it to open the folder where the actual file is supposed to be. If you find the file there it is OK otherwise you will have to point at the correct file location or otherwise delete the shortcut and make a new shortcut from the file or folder where it is now located by right clicking and selecting Create Shortcut option. If there 200 shortcuts in your computer then you will have to do this procedure 200 times. And once a week or so keep checking all the 200 shortcut links and correct the wrong ones once again. The whole purpose of having a shortcut is lost if you repeat a procedure 200 times. The solution is to use a professional software. I recommend Download SpeedyPC Pro – which is an all in one computer repair and performance optimizer software capable of repairing all your computer errors and Speedup Computer for High Performance.

Fix Windows Registry Errors Speedup Computer

Fix Windows Registry Errors to Speedup Computer Performance.

Fix Windows Registry Errors
Speedup Computer Performance

Fix Windows Registry Errors Speedup Your Computer

Windows Registry is the core center of your computer. Your PC/Laptop Performance will slow down if there are errors in your Windows Registry. Computer experts claim that errors in the registry confuses your Windows operating system and it does not proceed further. Although, Windows will proceed after 20 seconds from this temporary computer freeze, this impacts your computer stability.

Registry Errors continue to increase day by day as you keep using your PC or Laptop. If you do not Fix Windows Registry Errors, then the computer freeze will become serious and your computer will show a Blue Screen Errors which says Windows has been halted or your computer restarts on its own.

If you still do not Fix Windows Registry Errors, your computer will crash and all your valuable data is likely to be erased from the hard disk.  So the most important aspect to Speedup Computer Performance is to fix all the Windows Registry Errors.

How to Fix Windows Registry Errors & Speedup Computer Performance ?

You would have understood by now that Registry is the Nerve Center of your Windows Operating System. You can see your Windows Registry by pressing Windows Key and R key on your keyboard to get the Run.. dialog box and then type the word REGEDIT and then pressing Enter button. Registry Editor will open. You can click the + sign on the left column of each entry and view each and every one of the millions of Registry Keys. It is humanly impossible to find all the Registry Errors from these millions of entries even for a computer expert with full registry knowledge.

Do Not change anything in the Windows Registry because Registry is a very sensitive area of Windows without which it cannot function. If you accidentally edit a registry value or make an invalid registry entry, you can cause your computer freeze and crash.

How Does Windows Registry Errors Slow Down Your PC Performance ?

Obviously, to Speedup Computer Performance, you need to fix windows registry errors. But how does these errors happen in the registry?  To understand the Windows Registry you need to compare the Windows Registry to a dictionary with a thousand pages and a million words with meanings in it. Each page of the dictionary contains a few dozen words.

How will you look for a word meaning in the dictionary? You will first search the top of the page for the first alphabet of the word, then search for the next and subsequently the next till you find the page which matches that word and then you will look in that page for the word. It is so easy.

Now consider that a very common word you are trying to find the meaning is missing in the dictionary because some one erased it. What will you do. You will try to do the same procedure once again. If you still can not find that word then you will read the entire relevant page once again to see if you missed the word you are looking for. The word was expected to be there, but you are not able to find it. You are in a confused state. You may once again try to locate the word and may even ask some one else to look for it, just to rule out that you have not missed the word in the dictionary.

The same scenario happens in the Windows operating system. When you install the operating system, Windows writes a clean and complete Windows Registry. But as you use your computer, it keeps modifying it. Windows itself or some third party software application you install in your computer can either delete a registry entry, modify the registry values or over write an existing registry entry with a new one. When Windows tries to look for a specific registry entry to execute a task you want to to be done, it will not find that information in the Windows registry and Windows gets confused exactly as you were confused in the previous paragraph trying to locate the word in the dictionary which you found was missing. I hope you now understand how Windows registry works.

Why Fix Windows Registry Errors to Speedup Computer Performance?

After having understood how the Windows registry works you can imagine that when a registry entry required by Windows is missing, modified or deleted by another software you installed or uninstalled your Computer Performance Speed is adversely affected. Your computer can keep searching for the missing registry entry till it finds it and you will find your computer in a confused state or your computer freezes and refuses to respond to your mouse and keyboard.

When the time limit set by Windows is reached, it will either proceed to the next step if it can or else your computer will restart and all the work you had done till then is lost if you were in the middle of your work. The same state of confusion is reached every time this registry entry is required by Windows operating system and you will experience repeated computer freezes and restarts.

If the missing registry entry is very important then your computer may crash and may keep crashing during the startup itself and you will never even be able to recover your files to work on another computer. To Fix Windows Registry Error happens to be the only solution to get out of this situation. In fact you need to keep removing the registry errors as it happens almost on a daily basis or at least once a week for two reasons. The first is to keep your computer error free and prevent computer freezes and crashes and the second reason is to speedup your computer performance back to its rated capacity.

Defragment Windows Registry to Speedup Computer Performance

To Speedup Computer Performance, you need to Defragment Windows Registry after fixing all the errors and cleaning up all redundent, invalid, empty registry keys. Defragmenting registry can Speedup Computer Performance tremendously in the same way as defragmenting hard disk speed up your computer performance. Windows has an inbuilt hard disk defragmenter, but does not have a Windows Registry Defragmenter.

To Defragment Windows Registry you will require a professional Windows Registry Cleaner like RegCure which cleans up all errors from all 5 sections of your Windows registry and then thoroughly defragments your registry reducing the registry size and organizing your registry in to an orderly fashion. This makes it easier for Windows to search for the registry entries it is searching for in a very fast way, thus Speeding up computer performance. Registry Defragmentation is a unique feature found only in RegCure Pro Registry Cleaner.

Fix Windows Registry Errors to Speedup Computer Performance.

Fix Windows Registry Errors
Speedup Computer

Download Regcure Pro which is a Professional Windows Registry Cleaner Software which is very easy and safe to use for editing your Windows Registry and Speedup Your Computer Performance. You do not need any Experience or computer knowledge to edit Windows Registry using RegCure Pro because it tell you every thing and you just need to put a tick mark or remove a tick mark and then just press the Apply button. RegCure Pro repairs all Windows Registry Errors, then Defragments your Windows Registry to Optimize your Computer for High Performance in a matter or minutes. No need to call computer technician and pay hundreds of dollars to repair computer problems like freezes and crashes.

Speedup Computer Performance by Fixing Windows Registry Errors

As you keep using your computer the size of Windows Registry continues to increase as newer entries are written into the registry by Windows itself as well as all the software you keep installing or uninstalling in your computer. Each time you open or close a software it reads and writes to the Windows Registry. Each time you press save file button, create new folders or files, edit a file or make a duplicate file, download some thing from internet, CD USB etc and everything else you do causes either the software you are using or Windows to write new entries into the Windows Registry.

The problem is when a software writes a wrong registry entry, or overwrites a registry entry which was already existing and essential for another software or Windows to run. When this happens that software or Windows itself will hang up as it will continue to search for a registry entry which is now not existing or has been modified accidentally. This leads of Slowing down your PC Performance, Computer Freezes and Crashes.

This means that you need to find and Fix Windows Registry Errors as soon as it occurs which is manually very difficult to achieve. You need a Professional Windows Registry Cleaner like Regcure Pro  that can do this job safely and efficiently searching through millions of registry entries, identify the registry error and correct them to prevent a computer freeze or crash as well as Speedup Your Computer Performance back to your computer’s rated performance speeds when your computer was new.


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Tweak MSCONFIG Speedup Computer Performance




Tweak MSCONFIG Speedup Computer Performance

MSCONFIG or the System Configuration Settings of Microsoft Windows can easily speedup your computer performance in many ways. The MSCONFIG has always been there with almost all Windows Versions. But somehow most people were not aware of its existence. The MSCONFIG has evolved with every Windows version. Here we talk about MSCONFIG in Windows 7. You will find a corresponding MSCONFIG in all the previous and most likely in all the future versions after Windows 8. There are many tasks you can accomplish with MSCONFIG as I have given below.

If you want to tweak your computer much more than what MSCONFIG allows then you may Download SpeedyPC Pro which is an all in one Computer Repair and PC Performance Optimizer software which is a highly professional computer performance tweaking software that is almost automatic in operation and yet has been designed to be simple enough for a small child or even a 95 year old granny to use without any computer knowledge or experience.

How to Open MSCONFIG and Speedup Computer ?

To Open MSCONFIG dialog box you need to press two keys on your keyboard together which are “Windows” key and “R” key. The moment you press them together, you will get the Windows Run.. dialog box which you see below. You need to type the word MSCONFIG into the run command box and press enter button or click the OK button and you will get the System Configuration dialog box.

Windows Run Command.

Windows Run Command Dialog Box


Tweaking MSCONFIG Settings to Speedup Computer

When you typed MSCONFIG and pressed enter in the above dialog box you will find the System Configuration dialog box opening in a few seconds.  In the first screen which is called General, you do not have to do anything. It just shows you if your computer is doing a normal startup or a selective startup. In case you want to do a Diagnostic startup then you may click it to load basic devices and services only. Devices and Services will be available in detail in the other tabs like Boot, Services, Startup and Tools which you see along side General tab. The Microsoft System Configuration or MSCONFIG dialog will look like what you see below.

Windows System Configuration - MSCONFIG

MSCONFIG Windows System Configuration General Settings Dialog


Tweak MSCONFIG Boot Settings to Speedup Computer

The Boot tab gives you the ability to Boot in various diagnostic methods. The first is Safe Boot where no additional drivers, hardware and software will not be loaded. This may be required if you are experiencing a computer freeze or restart regularly during a startup. Otherwise you just need to do one tweak in this tab which is to reduce the Timeout from 30 seconds which is default value to 3 seconds which is the safest setting. This will speedup computer by reducing 27 seconds straight away from your boot up time if you have more than one operating system installed in your computer. The advanced tab below if only for computer experts with adequate knowledge. So I do not recommend it to you if you are not well versed with computer operating system. If you want to tweak every aspect of your computer then go for  SpeedyPC Pro which is an all in one Computer Repair plus Performance Optimizer Software. View a screenshot of the Boot tab of the System Configuration dialog box that lets you speedup computer startup by a whooping 27 seconds.

Windows System Configuration - MSCONFIG

MSCONFIG System Configuration Windows Startup Settings Dialog


Tweaking MSCONFIG Services Setting to Speedup Computer

In the System Configuration Settings the first advice I will give you is not to change any Microsoft services. To do this just put a tick mark in the box next to the “Hide all Microsoft Services you see at the bottom. This will ensure only a handful of services other than the hundreds of services essential to your computer are shown. Look for any service of a program or application that has been opening up with your computer startup which you always wanted to switch off. All software and drivers of those applications and hardware that you do not use regularly can be stopped by just removing the tick mark next to them and clicking on Apply button. If you are confident and have some technical knowledge then remove the tick mark from Hide all Microsoft services and remove those services you do not want. In case anything malfunctions after your next computer restart then just come back here and undo what you did now. Remember that many essential services will cause  instablity to your computer operating system. View the Screenshot of Services tab of the System Configuration dialog box below: –

Windows System Configuration - MSCONFIG

MSCONFIG Microsoft Windows System Configuration Settings Dialog


Tweaking MSCONFIG to Speedup Computer Startup

Does your computer take more than 15 seconds to startup and become ready for use? If so then the MSCONFIG System Configuration Startup Tab is going to be very useful. In this  you will find far too many software and hardware drivers that are starting up with your Windows Boot Sequence. The software and hardware vendors put a link into the startup to ensure that your hardware drivers and software startup with the Windows are is always kept in a ready state to use so that you do not waste time for them to load into memory when you double click them. For example your printer hardware drivers and printer software load into to memory as your computer starts up delaying the startup itself and occupying a lot of space in the RAM or memory which other programs which you want to use first can use. View a Screenshot of the Startup tab of the MSCONFIG System Configuration dialog box.

Windows System Configuration - MSCONFIG

Windows System MSCONFIG Startup Configuration Settings Dialog


Increase Random Access Memory RAM to Speedup Computer Startup

If you do not want to disable any of these software and hardware which is loading into the RAM then you must have about 4 GB memory or more. But if less than 2 GB memory is available then Windows will load those applications which got themselves loaded into the RAM at first, to a reserved space on your hard disk called virtual memory so that the current application can use the RAM. This costs you valuable time and you will see the hard disk light is on for a long time after you double clicked a program to startup. You can avoid this type of delays by removing the tick mark from those software and drivers which you do not need regularly. There is nothing to worry because these programs will in anyway be loaded into memory when you double click the application. So why load them during startup itself. Stop them from loading into your computer memory during Windows bootup and speedup computer startup performance. Alternately buy some more RAM modules and install to increase the memory. The choice is yours to increase your computer startup performance either by spending money buying new hardware or absolutely free using this MSCONFIG System Configuration utility.

Using MSCONFIG System Configuration Tools to Speedup Computer Startup

As I mentioned earlier, MSCONFIG has evolved over a period of time. The Tools tab was introduced later. There are many tools available to your in this. One of the main tools is registry editor. Windows Registry is the core or the nervous system of your computer. Like a nerve sends sensation to your whole body, the registry contains information about  everything in your computer. The Windows reads and writes entries to Registry every time your computer starts or shuts down, every time you install a software or uninstall a software, every time a software opens, gets used by you, or close, every time you install a hardware or a hardware drivers, every time you update your Windows, every time you change a setting and every time you do any thing, Windows registry is written. Every software and Windows itself needs it to locate files, drivers, software and everything else. The Registry tool you find in this tab can be used to edit registry. Here is a screenshot of the MSCONFIG System Configuration Tools tab with a few of the tools it contains: –

Windows System Configuration - MSCONFIG

Windows System Configuration MSCONFIG Tools Dialog


Cleanup Your Windows Registry to Speedup Computer Performance

But remember that even a small error in your Windows registry can cause slow down your computer speed, cause computer freezes and even crash your PC/Laptop. So use Regedit tool very very carefully. I recommend you use  SpeedyPC Pro in case you want to edit your Windows registry. Speedy PC Pro has a registry cleaner has inbuilt automatic Registry Cleaner with artificial intelligence that can find thousands of registry errors and fix them with a single mouse click. Most importantly, using a professional software like SpeedyPC Pro is much more safer than wasting hours trying to find the errors in Windows registry which requires a lot of time and full computer knowledge. Speedy PC is very simple to use and needs no experience at all. It is a small file that can be downloaded and installed by just clicking next, next, next etc. Run Speedy PC Pro after installing it and it will scan your PC/Laptop for errors and display hundreds and in some computers thousands of errors. Click on the Fix button once and all the detected errors is removed. Speedy PC Pro not only speeds up your computer performance but also repairs all errors that cause computer freezes and crashes. SpeedyPC Pro works on all 32/64 bit Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2000, 2003, 2008. Save hundreds of dollars you would otherwise end up paying a computer technician by using SpeedyPC Pro which is Free to Download.

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