Fix Windows Registry Errors Speedup Computer

Fix Windows Registry Errors to Speedup Computer Performance.

Fix Windows Registry Errors
Speedup Computer Performance

Fix Windows Registry Errors Speedup Your Computer

Windows Registry is the core center of your computer. Your PC/Laptop Performance will slow down if there are errors in your Windows Registry. Computer experts claim that errors in the registry confuses your Windows operating system and it does not proceed further. Although, Windows will proceed after 20 seconds from this temporary computer freeze, this impacts your computer stability.

Registry Errors continue to increase day by day as you keep using your PC or Laptop. If you do not Fix Windows Registry Errors, then the computer freeze will become serious and your computer will show a Blue Screen Errors which says Windows has been halted or your computer restarts on its own.

If you still do not Fix Windows Registry Errors, your computer will crash and all your valuable data is likely to be erased from the hard disk.  So the most important aspect to Speedup Computer Performance is to fix all the Windows Registry Errors.

How to Fix Windows Registry Errors & Speedup Computer Performance ?

You would have understood by now that Registry is the Nerve Center of your Windows Operating System. You can see your Windows Registry by pressing Windows Key and R key on your keyboard to get the Run.. dialog box and then type the word REGEDIT and then pressing Enter button. Registry Editor will open. You can click the + sign on the left column of each entry and view each and every one of the millions of Registry Keys. It is humanly impossible to find all the Registry Errors from these millions of entries even for a computer expert with full registry knowledge.

Do Not change anything in the Windows Registry because Registry is a very sensitive area of Windows without which it cannot function. If you accidentally edit a registry value or make an invalid registry entry, you can cause your computer freeze and crash.

How Does Windows Registry Errors Slow Down Your PC Performance ?

Obviously, to Speedup Computer Performance, you need to fix windows registry errors. But how does these errors happen in the registry?  To understand the Windows Registry you need to compare the Windows Registry to a dictionary with a thousand pages and a million words with meanings in it. Each page of the dictionary contains a few dozen words.

How will you look for a word meaning in the dictionary? You will first search the top of the page for the first alphabet of the word, then search for the next and subsequently the next till you find the page which matches that word and then you will look in that page for the word. It is so easy.

Now consider that a very common word you are trying to find the meaning is missing in the dictionary because some one erased it. What will you do. You will try to do the same procedure once again. If you still can not find that word then you will read the entire relevant page once again to see if you missed the word you are looking for. The word was expected to be there, but you are not able to find it. You are in a confused state. You may once again try to locate the word and may even ask some one else to look for it, just to rule out that you have not missed the word in the dictionary.

The same scenario happens in the Windows operating system. When you install the operating system, Windows writes a clean and complete Windows Registry. But as you use your computer, it keeps modifying it. Windows itself or some third party software application you install in your computer can either delete a registry entry, modify the registry values or over write an existing registry entry with a new one. When Windows tries to look for a specific registry entry to execute a task you want to to be done, it will not find that information in the Windows registry and Windows gets confused exactly as you were confused in the previous paragraph trying to locate the word in the dictionary which you found was missing. I hope you now understand how Windows registry works.

Why Fix Windows Registry Errors to Speedup Computer Performance?

After having understood how the Windows registry works you can imagine that when a registry entry required by Windows is missing, modified or deleted by another software you installed or uninstalled your Computer Performance Speed is adversely affected. Your computer can keep searching for the missing registry entry till it finds it and you will find your computer in a confused state or your computer freezes and refuses to respond to your mouse and keyboard.

When the time limit set by Windows is reached, it will either proceed to the next step if it can or else your computer will restart and all the work you had done till then is lost if you were in the middle of your work. The same state of confusion is reached every time this registry entry is required by Windows operating system and you will experience repeated computer freezes and restarts.

If the missing registry entry is very important then your computer may crash and may keep crashing during the startup itself and you will never even be able to recover your files to work on another computer. To Fix Windows Registry Error happens to be the only solution to get out of this situation. In fact you need to keep removing the registry errors as it happens almost on a daily basis or at least once a week for two reasons. The first is to keep your computer error free and prevent computer freezes and crashes and the second reason is to speedup your computer performance back to its rated capacity.

Defragment Windows Registry to Speedup Computer Performance

To Speedup Computer Performance, you need to Defragment Windows Registry after fixing all the errors and cleaning up all redundent, invalid, empty registry keys. Defragmenting registry can Speedup Computer Performance tremendously in the same way as defragmenting hard disk speed up your computer performance. Windows has an inbuilt hard disk defragmenter, but does not have a Windows Registry Defragmenter.

To Defragment Windows Registry you will require a professional Windows Registry Cleaner like RegCure which cleans up all errors from all 5 sections of your Windows registry and then thoroughly defragments your registry reducing the registry size and organizing your registry in to an orderly fashion. This makes it easier for Windows to search for the registry entries it is searching for in a very fast way, thus Speeding up computer performance. Registry Defragmentation is a unique feature found only in RegCure Pro Registry Cleaner.

Fix Windows Registry Errors to Speedup Computer Performance.

Fix Windows Registry Errors
Speedup Computer

Download Regcure Pro which is a Professional Windows Registry Cleaner Software which is very easy and safe to use for editing your Windows Registry and Speedup Your Computer Performance. You do not need any Experience or computer knowledge to edit Windows Registry using RegCure Pro because it tell you every thing and you just need to put a tick mark or remove a tick mark and then just press the Apply button. RegCure Pro repairs all Windows Registry Errors, then Defragments your Windows Registry to Optimize your Computer for High Performance in a matter or minutes. No need to call computer technician and pay hundreds of dollars to repair computer problems like freezes and crashes.

Speedup Computer Performance by Fixing Windows Registry Errors

As you keep using your computer the size of Windows Registry continues to increase as newer entries are written into the registry by Windows itself as well as all the software you keep installing or uninstalling in your computer. Each time you open or close a software it reads and writes to the Windows Registry. Each time you press save file button, create new folders or files, edit a file or make a duplicate file, download some thing from internet, CD USB etc and everything else you do causes either the software you are using or Windows to write new entries into the Windows Registry.

The problem is when a software writes a wrong registry entry, or overwrites a registry entry which was already existing and essential for another software or Windows to run. When this happens that software or Windows itself will hang up as it will continue to search for a registry entry which is now not existing or has been modified accidentally. This leads of Slowing down your PC Performance, Computer Freezes and Crashes.

This means that you need to find and Fix Windows Registry Errors as soon as it occurs which is manually very difficult to achieve. You need a Professional Windows Registry Cleaner like Regcure Pro  that can do this job safely and efficiently searching through millions of registry entries, identify the registry error and correct them to prevent a computer freeze or crash as well as Speedup Your Computer Performance back to your computer’s rated performance speeds when your computer was new.


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Delete Temporary Files to Speedup Computer Performance

Repair Windows Errors. Speedup Your Computer for High Performance in 5 minutes.

Speedup Computer Software

Delete Temporary Files and Speedup Your Computer Performance

As you work on your computer every day, Windows continues to create temporary files in two major folders. One in the Windows Folder and another in the Temp Applications Folder. These files continue to be created every day and Windows never reuse it. Every time you open a software application a set of new temporary files are written. Even when you unzip a compressed file, the Windows writes the files first in to the temporary folder and then copies it into the folder you specified. If the files already exist then Windows will simply over write it. This means you do not need these files for reuse later.

Download Automatic Computer Speedup Software  If you do not want to do all these steps manually. It is absolutely Free to Download and find out hundreds of errors in your computer that may be slowing down performance.

Temporary Files Slow Down Your Computer Speed

These temporary files slow your computer speed drastically in many ways. The first is that  your computer hard disk gets filled up with junk and duplicate files. Secondly these junk files will increase the fragmentation of files which are written later. Fragmented files needs to be rejoined in the Memory or RAM before Windows can use it. This causes a delay in opening a file when you double click it. The fragmentation of files cause speed degradation in accessing data stored on your computer hard disk. All these will Slow Down your Computer Speed. The only solution is to delete these temporary files which Windows will never require as it will be re written in the temp folders.

Delete Temporary Folders to Speedup Computer Performance

It is very simple to delete temporary files from your computer. Just press Windows Key and R key on your keyboard TOGETHER. This opens the Run.. Dialog. Type the word TEMP and press enter. The temp folder will open and you can select all the files in this folder and press delete or shift delete confidently as Windows does not require it and it will rewrite these files when it needs anyway. But any file being used by windows at that time cannot be deleted. You can delete them later or simply leave them there.

If you do not want to do all these steps manually then I recommend that you                       Download Automatic Computer Speedup Software

Delete Windows Temporary Folders to Speedup Computer Performance

The next step is to press together Windows key and R key on keyboard to get the run dialog again and type %TEMP% and then press enter. This takes you directly into another Windows Temp folder in which most files are duplicates you deleted before and some are new. Once again these files are not required anymore and windows will rewrite it when it needs any way and thus is very safe to delete them. Select all the files and delete all of them. Remember that any file which is in use will not be deleted and you can skip it or delete these temporary files later.

Defragment Hard Disk to Speedup Your Computer Performance

I recommend you Defragment Hard Disk to Speedup Computer even betterOnce you have deleted temporary files from your computer hard disk your computer speed will automatically increase. But by defragmenting the hard disk Windows will rearrange all the files after joining the pieces of files lying here and there on the hard disk into one piece. Once the defragmentation is over

Clean Memory Module Can Speedup Computer Performance

Speedup Computer Performance by Cleaning Your Memory Module (RAM)

Cleanup Your Computer Memory Module to Stop Computer Freezes and Crashes as well as Slow Computer Performance Problems. Your computer speed depends on the amount of RAM or Memory Module capacity. Today memory modules are available in 1 GB to many Giga Byte capacity. Each memory module has a few hundred golden colored contacts which looks like a comb. Very often these golden comb contacts of the memory module will spark and arc if they become loose in the slot and carbon get deposited between the ram and slot where the golden legs should make electrical contact. This causes a few memory module contact points to break and data transfer will stop happening. This can lead to computer becoming slow as the data will now have to be retrieved by your computer through other good contact legs. This causes your computer speed to degrade. Often you may find your computer freezes and crashes without any warning or may just restart and you will start hearing some beeping sound from the CPU.

How to Cleanup Memory Module and Speedup Computer Performance ?

You do not need to call a technician to Speedup Your Computer Performance. This is a very simple task. Just open your computer cabinet and look for the memory module and pull it out. Now you can see the contact legs are dirty yellow in color. Take a pencil eraser (rubber) and rub the contacts gently and carefully. This will clean all the dirt and carbon deposit off and your RAM or memory module contacts will starting gleaming like gold. Actually these contacts are actually gold platted and that is why they cost so much. Once cleaned, you can insert the RAM or memory modules back into the slot firmly and close the computer cabinet. Your computer freezes and crash should never happen again and You have done a small trick which will also Speedup Computer Performance. It works almost every time.

Repair Windows Errors. Speedup Your Computer for High Performance in 5 minutes.

Speedup Computer Software