Fix Shortcuts Speedup Computer Performance

What is a Windows Shortcut ?

Shortcuts are links you place on your computer desktop or task bars etc so that you can go to the actual file or folder without having to navigate through the Windows Explorer. To place a shortcut on your desk top is very simple. Go to any folder or a file you want however deep inside the folders your file is using Windows Explorer. Right click on the file or folder you want a short cut on the desktop and select the option “Send to”. This will show you more options like Desktop, CD/DVD, Document etc. Click on Desktop and a small 1 kb link is placed on the desktop which will have a small blue curved arrow on the left bottom. Now you just need to click on this shortcut and the file or folder nested deep inside many folders will open. Shortcuts save time and effort. The Start Button on the left bottom of your computer is actually a pool of shortcuts organized into various categories like Accessories, Microsoft etc. You click on the shortcuts there and it takes you to the original programs nested in C:/Windows/system32/ folder or some other folders.

How Windows Shortcut Errors Slows Your Computer Speed ?

Consider that you accidentally deleted the folder for which you have created a shortcut on the desktop. Now if you double click the shortcut placed on the desktop, Windows will start searching for the file or folder which you have deleted and will not be able to find it or open it. Windows will now keep searching and you see that your computer is busy and not responding to your mouse and keyboard inputs. Windows has an inbuilt time of 20 seconds for which it will remain in the confused state trying to look for this missing file after which it will give a warning that the file is deleted or not accessible or just hang up which you call computer freeze. In effect, your computer wasted a lot of time looking for a file which no more exists in the location the shortcut is pointing. This also could happen if you shift the original file to another location instead of deleting it. Windows does not look for this missing folder or correct the shortcut error itself. This is just an example of a shortcut you placed on the desktop. Every Software you install into your computer and Windows itself places hundreds of shortcuts in your computer without your knowledge. Any of these shortcuts could lead to a problem and slow down your computer performance.

How to Fix Shortcuts & Speedup Computer Performance ?

You will need a professional software like SpeedyPC Pro which has an intelligent algorithm which detects this kind of shortcut errors and repairs the broken shortcuts automatically. All that you need to do is Download the software and install it on your computer. When you run SpeedyPC it will ask you for a scan. Once the scan which takes just about a minute, SpeedyPC Pro will display a list of all shortcut errors as well as hundreds of other errors existing in your computer which needs to be fixed to restore your computer back to its original rated speed.

Can I Manually Fix Shortcut Errors ?

Yes. To fix shortcut errors yourself manually, you will need to first find each and every shortcut in your computer, right click on it and then click on the Properties. Now click on the Shortcut tab on top and in the bottom you will find Open File Location tab. Click on it to open the folder where the actual file is supposed to be. If you find the file there it is OK otherwise you will have to point at the correct file location or otherwise delete the shortcut and make a new shortcut from the file or folder where it is now located by right clicking and selecting Create Shortcut option. If there 200 shortcuts in your computer then you will have to do this procedure 200 times. And once a week or so keep checking all the 200 shortcut links and correct the wrong ones once again. The whole purpose of having a shortcut is lost if you repeat a procedure 200 times. The solution is to use a professional software. I recommend Download SpeedyPC Pro – which is an all in one computer repair and performance optimizer software capable of repairing all your computer errors and Speedup Computer for High Performance.