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All your computer hardware or devices requires a driver file which tells Windows what hardware it is and converts the commands sent by Windows operating system to a language the hardware or device understands. Simply said, your computer’s components cannot be recognized and used by Windows unless you have installed the correct drivers in your computers which are compatible with the Windows version your PC or Laptop runs on. So to speedup computer performance it is very important to Download and Update Windows Device Drivers regularly at least once a month to Speedup Your Computer Performance. I Recommend You to Download Driver Detective 

What is Driver Detective?

Driver Detective is the World’s most popular Automatic Windows Driver Download and Driver Update  Software. You will need many hours to go to each hardware manufacturer website to download the latest device drivers and install each of them into your computer. The hardware manufacturers continuously release new drives almost once every 15 days which if downloaded and installed will introduce some new features and also provides some bug fixes reported by users world over.

Avoid Driver Files Infected with Virus/Spyware that Slows Computer Performance

Downloading and installing drivers twice a month will waste a lot of your time and most computer users never do it. Thus their computers performance is very slow when compared to the computer speed if the new driver updates are installed. Not only that, if you go to a bad driver website other than your manufacture website, there is a chance of downloading virus and spyware along with the drivers.

Digitally Signed Drivers Speedup Computer Performance

All reputed hardware manufacturers will release new drivers which are digitally signed and approved for a particular Windows version certified by Microsoft. When Microsoft certification gets delayed for some reason the hardware manufacturer may release the drivers after digitally signing it themselves. Both these are recognized by Windows. If there is no digital signature or if the digital signature has been tampered with by anyone to insert a virus or spyware into the driver installation, Windows will give a warning to you that the digital signature is invalid or publisher is not there in the list. In such cases you should not install that driver as it may either damage your hardware device or slow down your computer performance. All 64 bit Windows versions by default accept only digitally signed drivers. Other drivers just cannot be installed. But if you have a 32 bit Windows system then you might as well be careful as wrong driver versions or drivers that are not digitally signed can actually damage your hardware and severely degrade your computer performance.

How to Get Digitally Signed Drivers to Speedup Computer Performance ?

I recommend you  Download Driver Detective which can automatically download the latest Digitally Signed Windows Hardware Drivers for all your computer hardware devices from your original hardware manufacturers available online with just two mouse clicks. It is much safer to use Driver Detective Software to download all drivers automatically than manually visiting each hardware manufacturer website, searching for the model and make of your hardware to download and install each driver one after the other taking a long time.

Installing Wrong Drivers can Damage Hardware & Slow Down Your Computer Performance

Also, installing incorrect drivers make your hardware devices to stop working or prevents the hardware from being detected by Windows. In some cases forcefully installing wrong drivers can damage your computer hardware permanently and you may have to replace it with a new one. Old hardware device drivers can degrade the performance speed of your computer. Thus you must ensure that you are downloading the correct and latest Windows Drivers for your computer hardware.

Why take all these risk. Download Driver Detective  and let Driver Detective download and update all your Windows Device Drivers Automatically.

Driver Detective has artificial intelligence built into it which is utilised to first scan and detect which version of Windows drivers are installed for each of your computer hardware and then to go online and find out which is the latest version of driver available on the original manufacturer of each of your PC Laptop hardware and then display both these information to you in a tabular manner.

Driver Detective Installs Drivers Automatically & Speedup Computer Performance,

On clicking the Update Drivers button, driver detective will start downloading and updating all your drivers automatically and installs these new drivers in minutes in  your computer. Once all the driver installation is completed by Driver detective, you need to restart your computer to feel the performance speed of your computer.

Updating Hardware Drivers can Speedup Computer Performance

Some times when you attach a hardware like a printer or scanner or camera etc to your computer, Windows gives an error message that Windows cannot recognize the hardware or a required driver file is missing. Even these hardware which were not being detected or recognized by Windows due to missing drivers will start working after  Download Driver Detective has installed the latest drivers in your computer. You must run Driver Detective at least once every 2 weeks to ensure that your computer has the latest drivers for all the hardware which ensures that your computer speed is always at its peak performance levels and you get the maximum worth of the money you spent on your computer.

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