Uninstall Software to Speedup Computer Performance

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Uninstall Unwanted Software to Speedup Computer Performance

Uninstall Software to Speedup Your Computer Performance

Your computer speed is at its peak immediately after a fresh Windows installation. But once you start installing third party software, your computer hard disk fills up slowing down the hard disk data access time. As the hard disk starts getting filled up you will find that Windows has to now breakup large files into smaller pieces and fit them in small places if adequate continuous free space is not available. This means that when you double click on a software or file, your computer has to search first for all the pieces of your file, join them in the RAM and then run it. This means data access time is even more time consuming degrading your computer performance speed. To regain the lost space, you need to remove all duplicate and junk files and uninstall all the software which you had installed and forgotten that they exist on your computer. Uninstalling software which you hardly use to save space and speedup computer performance.

How Uninstalling Software can Speedup Computer Performance ?

When you uninstall a software, it is not only does it free up hard disk space, it also reduces the size of your Windows Registry. Normally, when you install a software, it adds hundreds and at times thousands of entries into the registry. But when you uninstall the software, it leaves 90% of the registry entries behind. Even some folders and files are left behind. This is to make the re-installation of the software easy. But this technique used by software vendors eats up your hard disk space permanently in case you do not intend to reinstall the software later.

How to Uninstall Software to Speedup Computer Performance ?

It is actually very easy to uninstall a software. Click on the Start button on the left bottom of your monitor screen and then click the Control Panel. You will see the control panel dialog box open as below. Select the Uninstall Software or Uninstall Programs option.

Control Panel Screenshot of Windows 7

Windows 7 Control Panel Dialog box

Now click on the Uninstall Programs link you see on the left bottom in the Control Panel. This will open another dialog box you see below where all the software you had installed in your computer is displayed. All that you need to do is double click on any software program you want to remove from your computer.

Control Panel Screenshot of Windows 7

Windows 7 Uninstall Software Dialog box

How Does Installing New Software can Degrade Your Computer Speed ?

When you install a new software application into your computer you need to think twice. The reason is that all software write many megabytes of data on your hard disk which can reduce your hard disk data access time, increases file fragmentation which slows down your computer performance, over write some Windows system file which can freeze up or crash your computer, increase the Windows registry size and fragmentation, over write  registry entries essential for Windows operating system to function and once again lead to serious computer freezes or crashes and much more. So unless you really want to use a certain software do not install it into your computer. If you really intend to install a software then ensure that you have downloaded it from the original software vendor website or cd because if you download the software from other locations there is a chance that the installer files may be containing virus and spyware which can seriously effect your computer performance speed and even crash your PC or Laptop. So before you install a software ensure you run a Virus Scan on the file. If you do not have an antivirus and anti spyware software already installed the Download Antivirus Plus Software Now !

Uninstalling Software Does Not Restore Your Computer Performance Speed

Remember that you can not restore your computer performance by uninstalling a software from your computer. That is why you should not install any unwanted software on your PC or Laptop. The reason is that when you uninstall a software using Windows Uninstaller which is built into your computer, it does not completely remove all the files it had written on the hard disk and never removes the thousands of registry entries it wrote into your Windows registry which is the nervous system of your computer. The uninstall software just remove some folders from your hard disk and leaves all the rest and leaves almost all the settings without reversing them back to what it was before installing that software. Some bad software does not even write a Uninstall Program entry which means that when you open the Windows uninstaller you will not even find an uninstall option given to you which actually means that you cannot uninstall that software from your computer ever.

How to Uninstall Programs Completely to Speedup Computer Performance ?

For all practical purposes you can uninstall software using Windows inbuilt uninstaller. But if you have trouble uninstalling a software program from your computer, the I strongly recommend you Download Perfect Uninstaller which uninstalls software applications and programs without a trace better than Windows Uninstaller software which is inbuilt into Windows. The best part is Perfect Uninstaller is capable of finding out every file of a software to be uninstalled on the hard disk as well as every registry entry that software had written during installation. Thus it is able to find even hidden programs and help you uninstall these programs and thus can achieve software uninstallation in seconds and thoroughly which is beyond the capabilities of Windows uninstaller in your computer. Software Uninstallation needs a restart of your computer to take effect. Once you have uninstalled a software you should also Defragment your Hard Disk Now to ensure that files are optimized and not fragmented which will increase your computer performance speed. Uninstalling unwanted software programs can tremendously increase your computer performance speed in minutes.