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Speedup Your Computer Performance by Defragmenting Hard Disk

Hard Disk is the most important part of your computer which most people neglect. You must Reduce Hard Disk Data Access Time to Speedup Your Computer Performance. This can be done by using Professional Hard Disk Defragment Software or by using the Windows inbuilt hard disk defragmentation software which is grossly inadequate because it does only a coarse hard disk defragmentation. Even if you have bought a very costly high performance computer with a lot of RAM or memory module capacity, very high capacity hard drive with storage capacity in GB or TB capable of 15000 rpm and the ultimate CPU available on the planet, what you forget is that unless you maintain your hard disk properly, all the money spent on your computer goes a waste because the hard disk data access time is a major factor in determining your computer speed. You will believe it only after you Defragment Computer Hard Disk and restart your PC/Laptop to feel the difference in the computer speed of a defragmented hard disk with the best data access speed you can ever achieve.

How Hard Disk Defragmentation can Speed Up Your Computer ?

When you buy a new hard disk it is totally blank. When Windows formats your hard disk, it writes a master boot record (MBR). Then it loads operating system, files or folders which you want to store on the hard disk. But as you keep installing new software and store thousands of files, the hard disk starts getting filled up. Windows stores files on the hard disk in an unorderly fashion.

Fragmented Files Slow Down Computer Performance

Suppose you want to store a very large video file and the hard disk does not have enough continuous space free to keep the file in one piece, then Windows will break your video file and store it in pieces in various places between previously stored files and keeps adding the address of each piece of your video file in the Windows Registry for finding it later.

Improve Hard Drive Data Access Time to Speedup PC Performance?

Now you double click on the video file you saved on your hard disk in pieces to watch it in your media player using the Windows Explorer, Windows will first look for the location address of each piece of the file and then tries to join them in your RAM or Random Access Memory Module. Once the pieces are joined then Windows Media player may start playing the file. But you will find that the video file took a long time to load and start playing and all the while you found your computer hard disk LED was glowing red. This means your hard disk data access time is not optimized causing degradation of Computer Performance which is avoidable.

Defragment Hard Disk to Speedup Computer Performance

If you are not happy having a coffee as your computer prepares your video file to be loaded, stitch all the fragmented pieces of your video file and then played with a lot of delay, then you must Defragment Computer Hard Disk and restart your PC/Laptop to realize the full power of your computer. Hard Disk Defragmentation takes a lot of time which depends on the capacity of your hard disk and how much space is used up to store data on it.

Defragmentation Speed of Your Computer Depends on Free Space Available

Larger capacity hard disk will take longer time to defragment. Some times even if the hard disk is of less capacity still it will take a long time if the free space available on the hard disk is less than 15% and some large files may not get defragmented because of lack of space to store these files during the process of disk defragmentation. This is because Windows needs space to join the fragmented pieces of the file and then needs to write it another contiguous space.

Delete Duplicate Junk and Temporary Files to Speedup Your PC Performance

To Speed up your computer performance, along with Hard disk Defragmentation, you will also have to Delete Junk/Temporary Files from your hard disk to free up maximum space which will speedup your computer performance even if you do not defragment hard disk. More free space also helps Windows to store large files for joining the fragmented pieces together and then save it again on the hard disk. Thus we know that the requirement for a faster hard disk data access depends on the amount of data saved on your hard disk and the extent of file fragmentation. There fore we need to first reduce the amount of unwanted junk, temporary and duplicate files to free up hard disk space and empty the recycle bin. After that we should defragment the hard disk ensuring that there is at least 15% free space available for efficient defragmentation. Once hard disk defragmentation is completed you need to restart your computer.

Which Hard Disk Defragmentation Software to Use ?

Windows has a hard disk defragmentation software inbuilt in it. You can use it from Start/Accessories/SystemTools/DiskDefragmenter. The inbuilt Windows Disk defragmenter is not very efficient as it will not defragment those files which are already in use by Windows.  Download Professional Hard Disk Defragment Software  for more efficient and a thorough defragmentation process to give exceptional hard disk defragmentation as well as reducing hard disk data access times which will inturn speedup computer performance tremendously. Learn more about Hard Disk